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Neanderthal Brow Ridge On A Woman? (photo)

I feel very very insecure about my brow ridge I think its so masculine looking and people say it looks neanderthal ish and I dont have a masculine... READ MORE

What is this V shaped ridge/lump on my forehead? (photos)

I have had this for a while. It seems to be a hard bone in a wide v shape. It looks terrible & I am wondering why I have it and what it is! READ MORE

Forehead Ridges

I am a 26-year-old male with prominent vertical ridges along both sides of my forehead extending from the corners of my eyes up towards my hairline.... READ MORE

How Do I Treat the Ridge Under my Eye?

I'm a 22 year old male, but I look older and I think it's because I have these ridges under my eyes. I've seen different professionals and... READ MORE

Is a brow bone reduction necessary? (photos)

My brow ridge seems as pronounced as a man's. I want to appear less masculine by getting a brow ridge reduction, but I'm afraid that something may go... READ MORE

What are the price ranges cheapest to most expensive on brow ridge reductions?

My brow ridges along the sides are pretty prominent too which I believe are the suborbital ridges.My frontal sinus bones seem to stick out and can... READ MORE

How much would the total cost ( all overall medicine, surgery, etc) be for a forehead brow ridge reduction?

I have a very prominent forehead brow ridge you could say, it sticks out quite a bit and I kind like a cavemen or something, How much would it cost to... READ MORE

Is This Much Grafting Possible in a Rhinoplasty? And is There Any Procedures to Augment Brow Ridges? (photo)

Sorry that I'm asking so many questions. It's just that I want my results to be as precise as it can. Is there a procedure to augment my browridges to... READ MORE

What Makes my Brow Ridge Very Large?

I have large brow ridge , ct scan show it is large sinus space . it makes my eyebrow huge .I want to know does it became large after age 19 and what... READ MORE

Brow Ridge Augmentation?

I'm asian and I want a more prominent brow ridge to prevent direct light into my eyes as well as looking more caucasian with deeper set eyes. Is there... READ MORE

I have a prominent and occasionally visible metopic ridge - what options are available to try and reduce this?

I'm a 27 year old male. When I say occasionally visible, it really is only visible under certain lighting (from the side). I'm assuming it is a... READ MORE

Metopic Ridge Reduction/Costs

Hi there, I am a 20 year old male and have a metopic ridge that runs from just above my brow to the top of my forehead. I was wondering what the... READ MORE

Can you choose the exact shape and size of Facial Implants?

Specifically chin, jaw, nose bridge, and brow ridge READ MORE

Changes in facial bone?

I just noticed that in the middle of my forehead bone, there are two ridges, like if the bone has sink and formed a U shape, I'm 48 years old, is that... READ MORE

Can trigonocephaly be corrected in adults? (photos)

I have a protruding metopic ridge at the top of my forehead. The ridge runs from about 1" below the hairline to 2" behind it. When viewed straight-on... READ MORE

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