Revision + Facial Plastic Surgery

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Solution for Upper Jaw, Nose to Lip Area Protrusion?

My daughter had lower and upper jaw surgery to correct an underbite 4 months ago. Her upper jaw now looks as though it protrudes, and the surgeon said... READ MORE

Can I Get Nose, Chin and Cheeks Worked on at the Same Time?

I had surgery 6 months ago and it was a disaster so I am needing to get the surgeries rectified. It is my nose and chin. I am interested in buccal fat... READ MORE

I Am Not Happy with the Results of my Surgery. Should I Go Back to the Same Surgeon?

My nose is short and stubby still and it has been 41/2 months. My chin is so horrible. It's crooked and I don't believe the right size was placed. And... READ MORE

Can Surgery Give Me a Stronger Nose and Jawline?

This revision rhinoplasty is ok but is still feminine looking. Also need a jawline. Any advice? READ MORE

Ptosis Repair, Need Opinions?

Hi everyone, I need some advice, I experienced enlargement of my left upper eyelid. Its my 8th week now from my last ptosis correction. I am worried... READ MORE

Dissatisfied with Chin Advancement - Good Idea to Move the Bone Back to Original Position?

My surgeon made a horizontal cut through my chin and moved it forward to make up for my weak chin. My profile has improved, but I am very dissatisfied... READ MORE

Should I Wait or Get a Revision Now?

I had a surgery of forehead, nose, cheeks and chin augmentation, fold making of lower eyelids, nose reshaping, jawline correction and buccal fat... READ MORE

How could a doctor make my face more proportional and, if possible, attractive? (photos)

I have already seen multiple top revision rhinoplasty surgeons who said that my dream of having a nose that was not so short and over-rotated is not... READ MORE

How Should I Go About Finding the Right Doctor for Chin/nose Revision?

I need to get revision surgery for chin and nose. I had this done in Argentina and I live in NY now. How can I find a good surgeon? READ MORE

Is bone unevenness normal after brow bossing reduction and is it easy to fix?

Hello, I had brow bossing reduction and hairline lowering over 6 months ago and I'm starting to notice 2 small dents at the beginning of each eyebrow... READ MORE

Can Jaw Implants be Adjusted to Correct Shape During Revision Surgery? (photo)

Hi Doctors. I had jaw implants 8 months ago and they are not the right shape all. As you can see the left side is very round compared to the right,... READ MORE

I Have FAINT MGUS: a FAINT Lambda FLC and Require a TWEAK on Last Year's Face Lift. Is That Safe to Do?

I have a faint band of Lambda Free Light Chain in serum only: (BENCE JONES PROTEIN.) Can surgery or anesthesia worsen my condition? Thank you. READ MORE

1,5 years after sliding genioplasty, do I need a revision? (photos)

8 mm forward. I was really happy with the initial results, but when ALL de swallowing disappeared I noticed an indentation in the line of my left... READ MORE

Had medpor implant for cranioplasty removed due to MRSA. Can I ever have a revision surgery with a different implant?

What implants have a low infection rate? My infection is osteomylitis on the back of my skull, so what are my options now after it is treated? READ MORE

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