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Solutions for Deepset 'Sunken' Eyes and Flat Cheeks?

I'm only 30 but sometimes look several years older. In certain lighting and camera angles, I look awful! I've had very deep set eyes all my... READ MORE

What Happens If the Muscles of the Cheek Were Cut from the Corner or the Mouth to the Jaw? (photo)

My friend wants to get a very serious body modification done called a Glasgow Smile. The cheek would be cut from the corner of the mouth to the... READ MORE

Solution for Upper Jaw, Nose to Lip Area Protrusion?

My daughter had lower and upper jaw surgery to correct an underbite 4 months ago. Her upper jaw now looks as though it protrudes, and the surgeon said... READ MORE

Brown Bone Reduction - Cost - Risk - Results

I am a male with a prominent brow bone and I was wondering if it would be possible to get the same results as the simulated image below. I was also... READ MORE

I Am Not Happy with the Results of my Surgery. Should I Go Back to the Same Surgeon?

My nose is short and stubby still and it has been 41/2 months. My chin is so horrible. It's crooked and I don't believe the right size was placed. And... READ MORE

Orbital Floor Fracture Advice? (photo)

I suffered an orbital floor fracture in February. It was repaired with a porous poly plate 10 days later using a transconjunctival approach and small... READ MORE

How Much Can Facial Plastic Surgery Achieve?

Hello. I have a long face which I feel is quite masculine with no cheeks. I have an okay nose and other features. If i was to go and see a plastic... READ MORE

Permanent Results to make a hollow, long face look sweet/young. (photo)

My facial profile is very hollow. After messing around in Photoshop, I think my forehead is tiny/slanted and the entire mid section of my face is... READ MORE

What Affect Does Jaw Surgery Have on Skin in Older Patients?

I'm due to have double jaw surgery at the end of the year but have heard that in older patients this can result in saggy skin and heavy jowls.... READ MORE

What procedure gave her this look? Round face to heart shaped face. (photos)

These are pictures of Dove Cameron, I think she's one of the most beautiful girls in the world. Recently I found these before pictures and I am... READ MORE

What happens when bad facial surgery results are apparent only a few months afterward?

I had complete and total trust in this surgeon, and I still believe he's capable of excellence. Rapid aging had happened over a 2 1/2 yr period due to... READ MORE

Procedure for chiseled/defined face? After more masculine/handsome look rather than babyfaced. 24y/o Eurasian male (Photos)

I'm after a more chiseled/defined face & to ditch the round baby face look for something more rugged and handsome. What procedures could give me... READ MORE

How to widen cheekbones? (Photos)

How can you widen cheekbones horizontally? 4Example I don't want my cheeks to push forward from my face, I want them to push sideways and upwards from... READ MORE

Could I achieve an attractive appearance with the help of cosmetic surgery? (photos)

I'd like to know if I could realistically become more attractive with the help of cosmetic surgery. If I could, which procedures would you recommend... READ MORE

What facial surgery will give the best impact and improve my profile? (photos)

I have a fairly large nose, and small chin. I suspect I also have a somewhat forward maxilla but it's hard to tell if it's out of balance with the... READ MORE

What surgeries has this girl had? (Photos)

Hi - I'm hoping someone can help me figure out what surgeries/fillers this girl has had. I love her transformation & I'm hoping for similar... READ MORE

Will a sliding genioplasty and mandibular osteotomy give me a defined jawline? (Photos)

I plan on getting buccal fat removal , jowl liposuction , neck liposuction along with genioplasty and mandibular osteotomy. Will this give me the... READ MORE

Osteotomies or implants to treat facial asymmetry from untreated fractures? (Photos)

I have previously untreated facial fractures resulting in facial asymmetry, decreased lateral and anterior projection of the left side and slight... READ MORE

What procedures would you recommend for a slimmer more youthful face? (Photos)

36 yr old mom of 5, just had a tt & ba, now looking to brighten up my face a bit. I'm very cautious & am looking for the most minimal natural... READ MORE

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