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Skull Reshaping in Los Angeles?

I am searching for a doctor in Los Angeles area who can do cosmetic skull reshaping. I am a 29 yr old Caucasian female and I have an abnormally small... READ MORE

What Are My Options For Forehead Reshaping?

I want to know what if anything can be done about the appearance of my forehead/brow region? I heard of a reverse forehead lift but I do not think... READ MORE

What Surgery is Needed to Reduce Cheekbone Size and Round-out the Face?

I have very high cheekbones and large cheeks that are inherited (not caused by weight). I also have a very thin jaw and chin, making my face very... READ MORE

Is There a Surgery to Make Me Look Asian? (photo)

I'm mostly curious, but i was wondering if there was and if my face shape, ect. could work with the surgery? What would you have to do to make me... READ MORE

Is it possible to to change the shape of your eyebrows with surgery?

Is it possible to reshape the position and the shape of your eyebrows with surgery? Or is a bizzare request? READ MORE

Could I slim my skull with skull reshaping surgery? (Photo)

I have a really large round head. With small facial features; eyes and mouth, I come off looking really odd. Plus, my skull is so large and heavy that... READ MORE

Is facial contouring for older people?

I am 21 and wanted to know if it involved reshaping the jaw or cheeks? READ MORE

I finally know what I want now. I want the face to be reshaped in a little baby angel face. (Photo)

Dear doctors I Finally know what I want know. I want the fave to be reshape in a little baby angel face. The faceform like the boy of the first pic... READ MORE

Not Satisfied with my Head Shape, Is there a Way to Add Acrylic or Silicone to Achieve Fuller Head Shape? (photo)

I am not satisfied with my head shape not just at the back but the whole upper part. is there any way to have some kind of a acrylic / silicone like... READ MORE

I have a sloping forehead that I find extremely bothersome. What would be the best procedure to reshape my forehead. (photo)

From the front my forehead looks fine. From the side it looks terrible and I cant take it any more. I am curious about what could be done. I have... READ MORE

i'm a 21 years old male African and i have suffered for a long time of a head shape deformity can skull reshaping help.

Temporal hollowness/extremely small head/facial trait all too close/ skull proportion smaller than any body i ve ever met till little nephew of... READ MORE

Surgeries to RECONSTRUCT face shape? (photos)

I'm 130 pounds, 5'10. My face is chubby and has an odd structure to it. What surgeries could reshape my face? READ MORE

My face doesn't look right or attractive and my head is quite big. What are my options? (Photo)

Is there any procedure out there that can transform my whole face and reshape it and make it attractive. If there is please tell how i would go about... READ MORE

Reshaping my jaw? (Photo)

Hello I was wondering if i may get some feed back and some professional opinions before i start heading out to some consultations!! I feel that I have... READ MORE

I just want to know whether is it possible to reshape my face to oval? (photos)

My face shape i feel it is triangular and the side part of cheeks are very less, I really want to increase my face size. How much fees, how many days... READ MORE

How to slim or reshape a bloated looking face? (Photos)

I am slim and 41. I used to drink heavily but not anymore. I have a healthy diet and exercise but I have always had undefined jawline. Now it seems to... READ MORE

Forehead or hairline reshaping? (photo)

I have very weird forehead and hairline. My hair grows everywhere,on sides it almost gets to my brows. I don't know how to say it on English, but I... READ MORE

Skull reshaping surgery to add 3cm in height - implants? (photos)

Hello doctors, I'd like to increase my height of 3 cm by placing an implant on top of my head. There is various materials available and used:... READ MORE

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