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Best Way to Remove Fat from Around and Under Mouth?

I am in my late 20's now, but since my early teens, I lamented the fact that I had these sort of "fatty pockets" on either side of my... READ MORE

Can Divot on Nose Be Fixed?

I have a divot on my nose from a biopsy, can it be fixed? I have a trichoepithelioma that my dermotologist biopsied. It was connected to an enlarged... READ MORE

Removing Hydroxyapatite Implant from Forehead?

6 months ago I had a surgeon remove a methyl methacrylate implant I had from a previous forehead contour (prominent brow). I asked the surgeon to ONLY... READ MORE

Can Jaw Implants Be Removed?

Can jaw implants be removed (say, like a chin implant could) if after surgery one was dissatisfied with the results? I thought any implant was... READ MORE

Is It Possible To Remove The Superficial Temporal Artery? (photo)

I would like to know the best proceedure to remove the superficial temporal artery. I suffer from two protruding arteris that bulge out of my temples... READ MORE

Should I Return to Original Surgeon for Porex Implant Removal?

I have a Porex implant has become exposed. I had it done abroad. I am back in the UK now and the maxiliofacial consultant seems to have no experience... READ MORE

37 with Flat Cyst Under Eye About Size of Pencil Eraser: Best Option for Removal?

At one point was more of a papule like pimple but drained and left with deflated appearing cyst. Grew larger after pregnancy. Dermatologist saw and... READ MORE

Find surgeon for cheekbone titanium plate and screw removal

I had titanium plate and screw fixed to my cheekbone a year ago, and I would like to have them removed now,sometime I felt some "pressure" around my... READ MORE

Will a Facial Implant Capsule Go Away when Implant is Removed?

I had forehead contouring filling indent/bossing 6 yrs ago causing a hard ridge across forehead. Thinking the ridge was the Methyl methacrylate... READ MORE

Has anyone heard of removing temporalis muscle?

I had a meningioma resection of left sphenoid wing. The temporalis muscle detached after surgery and sits atop my cheekbone. I saw a craniofacial... READ MORE

Will Granuloma Have Any Adverse Health Risks?

I had a facial dent filled in with Artecol and for a few years everything was great. However, about a year ago I started to feel a lump and see... READ MORE

Can I remove an indent on my forehead? (Photo)

I have a small hole from a jep sting about 12 years now.How can I remove it? What will results most likely be? READ MORE

What kind of doctor should i see to get it removed?

Over a year ago I got my dimples on my face pierced. Soon after my skin inside my mouth grew over one of the flat back to the piercing and it's been... READ MORE

Can Gortex Implants Be Removed After 10 Years?

I had gortex implants to reduce the appearance of smile lines about 10 years ago and have not been particulary happy with it. Is it too late to have... READ MORE

Facial Implants After Accident 3 Months Ago. Got Infected, Need Removal. Is This Okay?

I met with an accident 3 months ago and have implants in my face. but infection occurred at the place of implants and surgeon told me to get them... READ MORE

Should I Get Buccal Fat Pad Removal?

I am 20yrs old and i've had "chipmunk cheeks" my entire life. I understand they will shrink with age, but both my mother and father still have... READ MORE

I Have a Lump on my Nose and Have Been Told Its an Horn How Can I Get Rid of It

I Have a Lump on my Nose and Have Been Told Its an Horn How Can I Get RId of It READ MORE

Possible To Remove a Knot on the Back of my Head? Cost?

It is from an elbow, It has been there over 14 years. READ MORE

Silicone Facial Implants Covered in Gore-tex?

Whats the infection rate of the silicone facial implants that have a goretex coating? are they difficult to remove? READ MORE

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