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Is Brow Bone Reduction Difficult?

I have a prominent brow, which bothers me as it creates a lump on my forehead and gives me a neanderthal look (picture on the left is me). Is it... READ MORE

Long Mid Face?

HI. I have long mid face,and i consider to have surgery,but i don't know there is possible surgery for this . if there is surgery to treat long mid... READ MORE

Best procedure to reduce wide/fat face? (Photo)

I'm 23 yrs old and I feel that the lower half of my face is heavy, especially when i smile. I believe that this is genetics; older family members also... READ MORE

Forehead Ridges

I am a 26-year-old male with prominent vertical ridges along both sides of my forehead extending from the corners of my eyes up towards my hairline.... READ MORE

Can Jawline Reduction Possible on a Muscular Jaw?

I seem to have a lot of muscles in my jawline vs. bone. Is it possible to get jaw reduction to get a smaller jawline even though I have a lot of muscle? READ MORE

How to Reduce Granular Tissue and Swelling After a Jaw Implant Surgery

I received a jaw implant surgery 2 months ago to address asymmetry. After 2 weeks, I noticed a fluid in my mouth that tasted foul & went back to... READ MORE

Is There Any Way to Thin out the Apples of my Cheeks?

The ball of my cheeks are very prominent. when i smile, there's a line across from my face that makes a circle. My bottom cheeks are also chubby.... READ MORE

I like to know what procedure is best to reduce the bulge on my forehead? (Photo)

I like to know what's the best procedure if any and what would need to be done to shave and immensely reduce my forehead size. READ MORE

High Eyebrow Arch Reduction

I am a male with high eyebrow arches. I have never had a botox treatment. I would like to reduce the arch on my brows to give a more masculine look. I... READ MORE

Is there any way I could reduce the space between my eyes and my nose? The distance is too long. (Photo)

Help! I always noticed that my face was rather long, especially in pictures. Whenever I would photoshop my pictures, I'd shorten the space between my... READ MORE

Is it possible to reduce upper forehead level and get ride of a dent on the forehead? And how much would it cost? (photos)

I accidentally hit my forehead about a month ago and it resulted in a lump on one side causing it to be bigger than the other and also causing a dent... READ MORE

Is it possible to change a long face to something more rounder, softer and feminine?

My face doesn't hold much facial fat, especially around the cheek area and I have a very long face (long chin, jaw, and forehead). My jaw line is also... READ MORE

Is Surgery to Remove Facial Bone Possible?

There is bone on my face that sticks out more than the other. I think it is called the zygomatic bone on the left side of my face. I also think it... READ MORE

Can the bone above the upper eyelid be shaved/ reduced? (photos)

I know that many people opt for brow bone reductions mostly in the forehead region. I was wondering whether the lower bone that sits just above the... READ MORE

Large forhead options? (photo)

Dear sir i am living in australia. I have large forhead witch i dont like. Do u have any treatment for that. Plx let me know thnx READ MORE

What kind of surgery would help to reduce square face produced by teeth grinding ?

Since I was a child I have this teeth grinding problem . With the passing of the time I realized my face shape has been changing for a more square... READ MORE

Does a Surgery to Reduce the Width of my Head Exist?

The plastic surgeon would have to burr on the skull on the sides of ones head. It could just be a little bit. Also, is there a surgery that reduces... READ MORE

Can you reduce the vertical height of your midface?

Could you shorten the midface? I also have a prominent nasal spine so could this be done? READ MORE

What are the best treatment options to reduce the appearance of my wide face? (Photo)

I have a very wide face and I would like to reduce the width of my temporal area and jaw. I'm currently looking into Botox as a treatment for my... READ MORE

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