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How Safe Are Skull Reconstruction Surgeries?

And are they considered "plastic surgery"? I am a 20 year old male with a largely protruding brow ridge. Haven't ruled out genetics but fixable? READ MORE

Should I get my forehead/nose redefined to look more feminine? (photos)

I've always thought my face looked more manly than most women and I couldn't figure out why. I did some research and found that I have a masculine... READ MORE

Find surgeon for cheekbone titanium plate and screw removal

I had titanium plate and screw fixed to my cheekbone a year ago, and I would like to have them removed now,sometime I felt some "pressure" around my... READ MORE

Forehead Reconstruction?

I'm a MtF transgender who is considering forehead reconstruction to reduce prominence of forehead. I've heard from surgeons that simple burring of... READ MORE

What can I do to get my Lower eyelid reconstructed? (Photo)

I had an accident which resulted in zygoma bone fracture and total lower eyelid lid loss.zygoma fracture was fixed and is fine.A canthopexy procedure... READ MORE

What would the cost be for craniofacial reconstruction? (Photo)

I have both cleft lip and palate, and I was informed quite a few years ago about the operation. Due to financial issues, I was unable to have it done,... READ MORE

Surgeries to RECONSTRUCT face shape? (photos)

I'm 130 pounds, 5'10. My face is chubby and has an odd structure to it. What surgeries could reshape my face? READ MORE

What is the best solution for my chin & for my lips as I can't close mouth properly?

I was gone thrugh surgical procedure - left Hemimandibulectomy+left SOHND & reconstruction procedure-microvascular free fibular flap frm right leg...1... READ MORE

What to do & who to see for discoloration and to achieve symmetry ? Seeking facial reconstruction surgeon. (photo)

Depending on doc, I've been told I have localized scleroderma or morphea. I've lost tissue and even some bone on my chin. Over the years it's been... READ MORE

Can I get a free face reconstruction?

Hi doctor.i was injured twice (head and facial).my GPs (3) told me that NHS has no money for surgery for me.i have lost my looks and for the 2nd time... READ MORE

Scar Revision - Facial Plastic Surgeon vs Reconstructive Surgeon

I have a facial scar on my right cheek that I have had revised twice, once by a derm and once by a Reconstructive Plastic Surgeon. Both times I was... READ MORE

Where can I get cranial reconstructive for the back of the head and a little on top?

Have a small flat head. Been playing with my hair to hide it. It gives me low self esteem. Takes me 2 hours to do my hair everytime I wash it (blow... READ MORE

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