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Can I Have Orthognatic Jaw Surgery? My Mouth Is Small, And My Chin Is Receding (photo)

I am in braces,my 4 bicuspid teeth are pulled for the treatment and teeth spaces will be closed which will make my jaws smaller. The problem is I have... READ MORE

How can I improve my receding jawline? (Photo)

I'm 18 years old and have always felt that my jawline was way too small and out of proportion to the rest of my face. What could I do to improve my... READ MORE

Do Receding Cheekbones Make Eyes Appear Puffy?

Does receding cheekbones or small cheekbone make puffiness eyes? I am a 19 year old boy and also I have very receding chin, too. READ MORE

Possible to Get a Prominent Forehead?

I have a bit of receding hair line, but it's very asymmetrical. Is it possible to get a prominent forehead like Tom Cruise? Is there any way to have... READ MORE

Is Chin Surgery an Option for Me?

I am 20 years old boy, I have very bad receding chin also I have convex face if you look at me from profile . I want to know is there any way to make... READ MORE

I've noticed that the corners of my smile are uneven. The right side pulls higher than the left. What options do I have? (Photo)

Know I have a slight cross bite and recessed jaw - could that be causing the uneven smile it is it the muscles in my face?? What treatment options do... READ MORE

Which Cosmetic Surgery(ies) Would Be Best? (photo)

Dear Drs, I have a recessive chin / jaw and a prominent nose which gives me an awful profile. I will undergo rhinoplasty to correct the prominence of... READ MORE

I'm 21 yr old male. What would you recommend for my feminine face and receded jawline? Is there any hope for me? (photo)

Im a 21 year old man at a decent weight but i have an extremely feminine face and a receded jawline i had braces for years when i was a child but i... READ MORE

What could I do to make my face both more symmetrical and less masculine? (photo)

Because of a severely receding chin, I just got a chin implant. Now I am much happier about my profile but my face from the front looks a little... READ MORE

I need a LOT of work done (eyes, nose, cheeks, chin, skin, lips)! What is the best procedures to target flaws & costs. (photo)

Best procedures for treating receding hair line (hair transplant as well as forehead reduction?), deep forehead lines, deep crow's feet, severe double... READ MORE

Which facial surgery can I have done to get this look? (Photo)

Hello, I am very unhappy with my side profile and was wondering what I can do to change it. The photo on the left is my normal profile view where I... READ MORE

Why is the right side of my face significantly more asymmetrical and weaker than the left? (photos)

The right side of my face as shown in the photos has always given me problems. My smile is weaker, it feels droopier, my hairline recedes and it just... READ MORE

What Surgical Procedures Would Help Make a Face Larger?

I have a small face, a receding chin and generally a deficient jaw, my face is very narrow. READ MORE

How can I make my mouth longer and improve the general symmetry of my face? (Photo)

I've struggled with great asymmetry in my face. On my left side, I am quite attractive. On my right, I am much less appealing. This is for a couple of... READ MORE

Please help me diagnose the lower half of my face. (Photos)

I have struggled with my jaw and mouth for a long time. When my mouth is fully closed, my lower lip unattractively recedes beneath my top lip. My... READ MORE

How can you fix my nose and chin/jawline? (photo)

I am wondering what best option is to fix my chin area as well as my nose. Do I have a receding jaw line, weak chin, both? And how do I fix that? I... READ MORE

Looking for oral maxillofacial surgeon near 90240 for consultation for no tooth show & receding chin, any suggestions? (Photos)

Had aggressive lip lift 7 years ago that resulted in still no tooth show. Chin inplant appx 10 years ago but still not happy with results. I found Dr... READ MORE

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