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I want a chiseled and square face with definition. Is it possible? (Photo)

I would like to know if it is possible to get a more defined, square, chiseled face. I have large round cheekbones which makes my face look round. I... READ MORE

I Want to Have a Nose Job, Chin Implant and a Jaw Implant? (photo)

The photos, show the look i'm going for, i would like to know if these are real expectations? i would also like to know the price range for the whole... READ MORE

Is this realistic and if so what would the risks be? (photo)

I was wondering whether it would be possible to make me look near identical to the person in the pictures assuming that costs and procedure type are... READ MORE

Can plastic surgery change one's face to look like some one else based on a photo?

I want to know if it's possible to make someone look like someone else based on a photo? if the results are not 100% similar to the photo, how... READ MORE

Golden Ratio / Face Analysis software. Thoughts on use for creating treatment plan and setting long-term PS goals?

What are PS community thoughts on Dr. Stephen Marquardt Phi's Golden Ratio mask? Are there any PS's that use the golden ratio mask or other facial... READ MORE

How can I permanently reshape my face? (Photo)

I do not dislike my face however i feel there is room for improvement to help slim it down , ideally the picture of the girl is the shape i would like... READ MORE

Is There Such Thing As Bone Transfer?

An example would be cutting the lower part of the eye socket bone and using the cut-off pieces as brow ridge enhancement, or having a treatment for... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Look Like Someone Else?

I know it's not possible to look completely identical to someone else, but say if I wanted to look like a certain person, would it be possible to achieve? READ MORE

Is It Possible to Make Me Look Like Lady Gaga? (photo)

I'm really considering getting facial reconstruction surgery at the age of 18. Is it possible to have my face reshaped to look like the below pictures... READ MORE

Which of These Changes Are Feasible to Carry Out? (photo)

Hi. I'm a male in my late teens. Look at the picture I have attached. It is a morph of my face. My real face is on the left. The right hand side is an... READ MORE

Can facial symmetry surgery give me the look in this wish pic? (Photo)

I want to know if facial symmetry surgery would be able to make my face shape look like the one in the picture as well as a general cost estimate for it. READ MORE

How to widen cheekbones? (Photos)

How can you widen cheekbones horizontally? 4Example I don't want my cheeks to push forward from my face, I want them to push sideways and upwards from... READ MORE

Can surgery make my face look like this pic? (Photo)

I downloaded a plastic surgery stimulater after I got some advice but I'm not sure if surgery can make my face look like that and I'm afraid some... READ MORE

Can a surgeon realistically transform an adult skull into a younger looking face? (Photo)

I'm from Malaysia and I'm looking for dramatic transformation to become handsome (esp by asian standard which usually means having a Korean boyish... READ MORE

What kind of surgery(s) is being shown in the picture? (photos)

This is basically what i'm looking for me with cosmetic surgery. somehow they have taken the ladies face and slimmed the width making the facial... READ MORE

is it possible for a doctor to copy another person's shape from an image? (Photo)

I don't mean to steal his shape or sth like this, i mean just as beauty as her !! kind regards :) READ MORE

Extent to which bone cement can be applied to the back of the head. (photos)

You find attached 3 photos edited together and numbered, the first one being the original. The red line at the first (left) photo marks the end of the... READ MORE

Are the desired results for my face realistic? What procedures would you recommend that will give me the results I want? (Photo)

I have a very clear idea of the type of look I want to achieve with cosmetic surgery. These results are what I want to achieve over time, not... READ MORE

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