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I have two protruding bones on the top of my forehead? What are my options to fix it? (photo)

I have been searching options to fix my forehead but I still haven't found one. I have protruding bones (or perhaps dents?) on my forehead and it is... READ MORE

Is There a Procedure to Reduce the Size of my Eyes?

I have large eyes and they protrude quite a lot They make me extremely unhappy because I love my face shape and my other features however my eyes... READ MORE

Supraorbital Reduction (Brow Shaving) in Women Without Much Protrusion?

My brow is slightly prominent, but the bone along my hairline is equally prominent, it’s just the mid forehead that appears concave and even on... READ MORE

Which Procedure Should I Have Done First to Make my Fcae More Feminine?

Since I have made up my mind that I want to fix my facial structure which involves in two area. First my masculine forehead ( Forehead contouring,... READ MORE

Is it possible to get brow bone reduction surgery? (photos)

I feel something is very off putting and unnatural about my face and I have narrowed it down to my slopping forehead, specifically my protruding brow... READ MORE

Am I A Candidate for Two Jaw Surgery?

Hi my Name is Key. I Have Quite a Long Face,flat ,wide and Upper Jaw Protruding I Guess   I have long wide and flat ( Especially my middle and... READ MORE

I Want Balance to my Face

I would like to find out if one procedure would help or if I would need lots to get balance to my face. Thin jaw, no chin and protruding forehead . I... READ MORE

How Can I Fix Eyes That Are Too Big?

Hi, my problem is that i feel my eyes are bigger (more prominent) than before (2-3 years ago). Im 23 and no thyro problems. No trauma either. And my... READ MORE

Overbite, Deep Mento-Labial Fold, and Protruding Chin. What Do You Recommend? (photo)

I have an overbite, deep mento-labial fold, but also a protruding chin. What would be my options to improve the look of my lower face? Thank you. READ MORE

How Safe Are Skull Reconstruction Surgeries?

And are they considered "plastic surgery"? I am a 20 year old male with a largely protruding brow ridge. Haven't ruled out genetics but fixable? READ MORE

What treatment would you recommend for my side profile to be attractive? (photos)

Hi..My side profile looks ugly and protruded mouth makes it look long ..My cheeks looks flat and its just totally flat looking face until I smile.... READ MORE

Is it possible to fix a bony forehead protrusion? (Photo)

I have a bony forehead protrusion. I've got it when i was 10 years due to hit in a wall. I went to some doctors and they told me it is not a serious.... READ MORE

I have two protruding bones in my forehead. Can I get rid of them safely? (Photo)

Im 13 years old and I have 2 outsticking bones in my forehead. Its really noticeble and its bothering me in school. I would like to know if these... READ MORE

What procedures do I need to correct my uneven jaw (no braces, please) and protruding ears? (Photo)

Because of a missing left molar, that was pulled years ago but never replaced, I now have an uneven jaw due to concaving of my other molars to "fill... READ MORE

How to Correct Sagging/Oddly Shaped Mouth and Chin? (photo)

I'm in my 20s and have a couple of facial concerns I'd like to address. My congenital under-eye circles and wide nose bridge and tip are things I plan... READ MORE

I am very insecure about my side view. What procedures do you recommend? (Photo)

My chin is protruding and my nose is flat, therefore my whole sideview is just... not to my liking at all. I think you can even tell from my front... READ MORE

Side Profile looks ugly

I have a slight underbite and a bit of a protruded chin..I look totally different from side than I look from the front.My cheek looks flat and chin... READ MORE

What Can I Do to Improve my Buccal Area and Smile?

I really dislike my mouth/ buccal area/ smile. I had orthodontic treatment as a teenager but still I believe my teeth and gums are protruding and that... READ MORE

Georgia Doctor Recommendations for Jaw Bone Reduction Surgery

Also known as mandibular angle reduction. i am a female and i would like to make my prominent jaw more feminine without the botox. i want permanent... READ MORE

Will Constant and Very Heavy Pressure Reshape the Bone Below the Temple (Next to the Ear)?

I never liked the shape of the right side of my face because I've always felt that the bone below the temple (next to the ear and beneath my... READ MORE

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