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How to Make Face More Proportional?

What can be done to improve my nose and/or chin to make them more proportional to my face? READ MORE

Recommendations For Plastic Surgery for More Aesthetically Pleasing Proportions? (photo)

Which surgeries you would suggest to make my face more aligned with Marquardt's Golden Ratio mask? For years I have been considering surgery.... READ MORE

Procedures to Make Lower Jaw Less Masculine and Face More Proportional? (photo)

I don't mean to be a troll. but i feel like i was all over the place on my other post. so to keep things simple. my main concerns are. my nose's... READ MORE

Small chin, wide face, chubby cheeks. What are my options to get more defined, proportional and masculine face? (Photo)

I have wide and high cheekbones, in contrast, my lower half face seems small, receded, unproportional. My cheekbone and upper face are protrudes more... READ MORE

How could a doctor make my face more proportional and, if possible, attractive? (photos)

I have already seen multiple top revision rhinoplasty surgeons who said that my dream of having a nose that was not so short and over-rotated is not... READ MORE

26 year old. How can I fix my face? (Photo)

What can I do to fix my face? I feel like all my proportions are off, like it's too long, too narrow, too thin, big forehead, chubby long nose, flat... READ MORE

What Cosmetic Procedure Will I Get for a Straight Nose and More Feminine Face? (photo)

Hi I am seriously considering cosmetic surgery to feminize my masculine face and features. I have a large jaw, my eyes and mouth are not proportional... READ MORE

How can i make my face more proportionate? (photo)

I see a difference between my right side and my left side especially my nose. READ MORE

How can I make my face more proportionate and younger looking? (photos)

I'm thinking of rhinoplasty, cheek/chin augmentation, subtle lip augmentation and botox in my masseter muscle to make my face less round. My fat... READ MORE

I am looking for a Los Angeles Surgeon who can over-all improve my entire face based on proper measurements and proportions.

I am a 29 year old woman living in Los Angeles. I am looking for a Doctor who can over-all improve my entire face like those Doctors in Korea that... READ MORE

I would like an honest opinion on how to make my face more proportionate? (Photo)

I feel like I have very small nose,eyes, and lips compared to my big chubby face. What procedures can I do to get a proportionate face. Also, are... READ MORE

How can I have a more proportionally beautiful face? (photos)

I believe I am generally attractive, but can see a few aspects of my appearance that could be improved. For one I think my eyes are too high and close... READ MORE

Nose and Jaw Augmentation with Braces (photo)

I don't know which direction I should go to be more balanced. My thoughts: 1. reduce the size of my big forehead or build up my jawline? I lean... READ MORE

What is wrong with my face shape and what can I do to fix it? (Photo)

I've been very unhappy for years now with my's size shape proportion. It always seems smaller than average and bland. What can I do to fix it? READ MORE

I wonder what my options are for making my face appear less long/narrow? (photos)

I know the hairline can be lowered, but, I don't feel as if my forehead is too large, so shortening it might throw the proportions off. I also thought... READ MORE

How would I achieve a proportionate face and more attractive features? (photos)

What would doctors recommend in order to achieve a more attractive and palatable face? I feel as if one side of my face sags down more than the other,... READ MORE

Could something be done to make my head more proportional? (Photo)

I am a 20 years old male and I have a big head, do you think there is any way to make it more proportional?, for example getting a jaw implant to... READ MORE

I have mild vme but normal facial proportions. Will maxillary impaction severely reduce facial height?

Just wondering has anyone had a surgery on a gummy smile with normal facial proportions hence causing a reduction in facial height? and whether this... READ MORE

What can I do to improve the look of my chin? (photo)

My chin looks out of proportion with my lips and makes my lips look like they are protruding.This chin also makes me look like I have a double chin... READ MORE

Are my facial features proportional and does it suit my face? (Photo)

They said my other facial features doesn't suit my face READ MORE

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