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The left side of my face is quite wider than the right side. Asymmetrical face? (Photo)

Hi. I've always noticed that my face is quite asymmetrical in terms of structure. Recently, the asymmetry seems to have become more pronounced,... READ MORE

I have a round face. I have always hated my nose, but I want to elongate my face. Which procedure should I choose. (photo)

I'm not looking for a "drastic" change, but I do want more shape to my face...something is off. I figured I'd leave it to the experts. READ MORE

Eyes too close together. Why is this? (photo)

My eyes look so close together and sunken in photos, especially from a distance. I know that you can't have surgery to move your eyes farther away but... READ MORE

Is There a Surgery Which Can Reduce the Size of my Forehead?

I've heard of browlifts but that sounds like only raising my eyebrows when I want my actual hairline about 2cm shorter (6.5cm currently) If there is,... READ MORE

Can cosmetic surgery make you pretty if you aren't sure what's wrong?

I don't have any one thing I'm dissatisfied about my face, but I am very plain. I've spent lots of money on make up and hair professionals, but it... READ MORE

What procedures will make my facial proportions more harmonious? (photos)

I am 19 years old and I have always been uncomfortable with my nose and "double chin" I am positive about a rhinoplasty, but I am unsure whether or... READ MORE

I wanted to know what procedure would be best to achieve a model like face structure? (Photo)

I want to acheive the sunken cheek, broad chin, strong jaw look. I am clueless to what I can do or even if its possible. READ MORE

Looking to correct symmetry and enhance facial features. (Photos)

I feel like my jawline is off and it makes me very self conscious. I feel like my face looks short and I don't like my labiomental crease. Was told I... READ MORE

How to get a handsome face? (Photo)

I'm trying to find out what procedures will help make me look handsome but at the same time look natural. For as long as I could remember I have been... READ MORE

What procedure gave her this look? Round face to heart shaped face. (photos)

These are pictures of Dove Cameron, I think she's one of the most beautiful girls in the world. Recently I found these before pictures and I am... READ MORE

What should I have done to make my face more symmetrical? (photos)

Just wondering in your opinion what I should have done? Symmetry is important to me. READ MORE

Is Orbital Translocation a real procedure? Can it be a solution to my facial asymmetry? (photo)

Hi this is a x ray of my face and as u can see my right orbit is quite lower than the right one, I know everyone are asymmetric to some point but I... READ MORE

Can my mild facial asymmetry be corrected? (Photos)

Hi I have a very mild facial asymmetry. It looks as if my left side of my face is "sliding off". My left ear appears "lopsided" compared to the right... READ MORE

Procedure for chiseled/defined face? After more masculine/handsome look rather than babyfaced. 24y/o Eurasian male (Photos)

I'm after a more chiseled/defined face & to ditch the round baby face look for something more rugged and handsome. What procedures could give me... READ MORE

What can be done to improve my appearance?

I do not like the way I look and I'm wondering what procedures do you think may help make my face more attractive. I was thinking maybe Rhinoplasty... READ MORE

What procedures did she likely have done to her face? (photo)

She Seems a different person and i want to Know what she did to her face to achieve her look in the second and third pic READ MORE

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