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How Can I Fix Eyes That Are Too Big?

Hi, my problem is that i feel my eyes are bigger (more prominent) than before (2-3 years ago). Im 23 and no thyro problems. No trauma either. And my... READ MORE

The left side of my face is skinnier and longer than my right side. It seems to be sliding. What can I do to fix it? (photos)

There is also a popping sound every time I open my mouth wide enough and sometimes it causes pain. READ MORE

Can Cracking Your Jaw Make It Asymmetrical?

My jaw's asymmetrical and my chin's angled to my left. My features are more asymmetrical than the average person's; but it's not very... READ MORE

Jaw Popping and Droopy Eye?

On my one side my eye droops and my jaw pops. Do they have anything to do with each other? I do have a displaced jaw but I don't want surgery for it.... READ MORE

I have an issue with TMJ and my smile. What can I do? (photo)

Well, theres not much to say. I have Tmj and my jaw pops and cracks and hurts a lot. My right side of my face hurts and my neck gets real numb when I... READ MORE

Why is my jaw popping?

Every time I move my jaw to the left it always pops like its out of place or something. There's no pain it just ALWAYS does this. Why? READ MORE

Uneven facial symmetry. (photos)

I've always notice i have a uneven face and i feel very insecure about it. I like to know if is there something that can be done to get it even again.... READ MORE

(Facial asymmetry) What is wrong with my jaw? Is it overdeveloped or out of place? (Photos)

My jaw hurts. I get frequent headaches lasting all day. My jaw pops when I eat/yawn. To open my mouth to yawn or take a bite of food, I have to wiggle... READ MORE

Is it possible to make my forehead more straight? (photos)

I have two round shaped bones on my forehead which makes it look like I have horns popping out. What do I need to do to? READ MORE

How can I get rid of this dent I never had before? (Photo)

I was hit in the face on my cheek and it swelled up after a few weeks the swelling went away. It will be a year in May 2017 & I now I have a dent... READ MORE

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