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Options to Improve Facial Structure?

Is this the best a plastic surgeon can do for a Rhinoplasty? These are some photos from before and after for a rhinoplasty. Although I do not like the... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Achieve a Rounder, More Protruded Forehead?

I am a female and happen to have a very flat and receded forehead. This makes my profile look very weak. Is it possible to achieve a forehead that... READ MORE

Removing Hydroxyapatite Implant from Forehead?

6 months ago I had a surgeon remove a methyl methacrylate implant I had from a previous forehead contour (prominent brow). I asked the surgeon to ONLY... READ MORE

Are There Procedures Available to Widen Temple?

What's the best procedure for widening the temples next to the eyes and the side of the forehead slightly above the eyes? READ MORE

Can Gortex Strips Be Customized to Widen Temples?

Can gortex strips be customised to widen my temples and sides of forehead by 4mm as well as my jaw from my ear down by 4mm? My face has gotten narrow... READ MORE

Can I totally change my face due to some problems so that nobody can identify my face from my old friends?

If any one can identify just like that it is resemblance?is it possible with plastic surgery?? READ MORE

What is the typical healing period after facial fracture surgery? Bigger right eye than other, numbness, and swelling.

Hey, I had facial fracture in my right side next and lower my eye(zygoma). I did plastic surgery 3 weeks ago everything went great thank god, but i... READ MORE

Could more than one plastic surgery be done at the same time? (Photos)

I have pointed the areas that make me uncomfortable about how i look. i would like to know how many surgeries i have to do and what could be done at... READ MORE

What kind of plastic surgery would I need to correct my facial asymmetry caused by a childhood accident? (Photo)

My face is very uneven. I had an accident as a child where I hit the right side of my face and I guess there was never any growth afterwords. Even my... READ MORE

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