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One side of my face is clearly larger than the other. How can I make my face more symmetrical? (photos)

As you can see in the pictures one side of my face is clearly larger than the other. My left cheek looks swollen and my jaw is not alligned. My left... READ MORE

How to shorten my face? I want a small baby face. (photos)

Always had a long-ish face. rhinoplasty gave me a shorter nose and lengthened philtrum, just generally made my face look longer/older. i'm getting a... READ MORE

My nose is crooked. My lips are uneven. My jaw clicks on my right side. What is Wrong with my Face? (photo)

I would really like to know whats wrong with my face. To start, my nose is crooked. My lips are uneven. My jaw clicks on my right side if I open it... READ MORE

What Are Options for an Adult with a Small Jaw to Improve Profile and Bite?

When I was 25 yrs old, I went to an orthodontist to ask for treatment options for what I thought was an overbite. He said that my top teeth are... READ MORE

I Have a Gummy Smile, Long Face, Weak Chin, Overbite, and Asymmetrical Smile. What Are My Low Cost Options? (photo)

I know I need jaw surgery, but that is out the question due to cost. Believe it or not, I have actually grown to love my gums, but the chin and long... READ MORE

Overbite, Deep Mento-Labial Fold, and Protruding Chin. What Do You Recommend? (photo)

I have an overbite, deep mento-labial fold, but also a protruding chin. What would be my options to improve the look of my lower face? Thank you. READ MORE

Possible to Reverse Jaw Surgery?

I had surgery to correct an overbite and a crooked front tooth. I did not have a weak chin and worried it would make my chin too prominent. It did,... READ MORE

What Options Do I Have for an Overbite, Weak Chin, and a Bulbous Nose with Dorsal Hump?

I obviously have a very odd face and consider myself extremely unlucky. My nose is crooked, bulbous, has a dorsal hump, and a droopy hooked tip. In... READ MORE

Overbite Correction for 15 Year Old

Would you do surgery on a 15 yr. old to correct overbite. Braces have not corrected her bite. The orto. wants to break her jaw.to correct it. What... READ MORE

What Needs to Be Done with my Face? Nose Bump, Overbite, Small Eyes, Chubby Cheeks? (photo)

I'll Be Joining a Male Beauty Contest Next Year So I Need to Fix Whatever is Wrong with Me. Im a 26 year old Asian, I would really like to know whats... READ MORE

I like lips that stick out evenly from the side view. What procedure would achieve a better more even facial profile?

I have recently have become so insecure of the way my face looks from the side view as well as the tip roundness of my nose. I personally love the way... READ MORE

Why Do my Lips Poof out at Sides? (photo)

I've thought of everything - maybe my maxillary jaw is too far forward, my cheeks are too big, my mouth is too wide, I have an overbit (I don't think... READ MORE

How can I make the lower half of my face more balanced/feminine? (photos)

I want to do something about my jaw and lip area. I feel like my face is not balanced, and this is due to a combination of an overbite and high... READ MORE

Which facial surgery can I have done to get this look? (Photo)

Hello, I am very unhappy with my side profile and was wondering what I can do to change it. The photo on the left is my normal profile view where I... READ MORE

Surgery for Fixing Overbite?

I have an overbite and I can't close my lips together. It just looks worse. What kind of plastic surgery can fix this? I already had braces. READ MORE

Nose/Nasal Root/Nasion Too Low on Face Along with Bite Issues, What Kind of Surgeon Do I Go To?

Hello, I currently have braces to correct overbite that started in my childhood; I also had sinus issues when younger. As I've grown older, my nose... READ MORE

What Procedures Will Help me to Have a Younger Face? Overbite and Guantness. (photo)

Hi, I am concerned with the gauntness of my face, especially since I am just 25 years old. I seem to always look frail and tired. I would like a more... READ MORE

Get Rhinoplasty and Chin Augmentation, Before Lingual Braces, Even Though I Have an over Bite? (photo)

- I want to have lingual braces put on my teeth because I have an overbite, a gap in my front teeth and a few over lapping teeth. - My nose and chin... READ MORE

Fix Overbite Without Jaw Surgery?

Is it possible to get my overbite fixed without getting jaw surgery. I have a underdeveloped chin but am wondering if simply orthodontics would get... READ MORE

Do I Need Jaw Surgery to Fix over Bite or Can Appliances Be Used ? I Am 22 Years Old Had Braces for One Year .

Hello Doctors , Do I need jaw surgery to fix over bite or can appliance work to pull the lower jaw forward. I am 22 I do not know if I am too old . My... READ MORE

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