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How Long Does It Take For An Orbital Fracture to Heal?

About 3 months ago I got into a car accident , and fractured a couple things and they all have seemed to heal except my orbital fracture on my left... READ MORE

Does Fracturing the Orbital Wall Have Any Physical Effects?

I broke my nose and fractured my orbital wall about 10 yrs ago (I was 15). I am unhappy with the crooked appearance of my nose, asymmetrical eyes, and... READ MORE

Can I Fly Safely with an Orbital Blow Out?

Left Orbital Floor Blowout Fracture w/ Minimal Displacement identified. Minimal Intraorbital Fat Extends Into Fracture defect. No Extra Muscle... READ MORE

How Long Before All Facial Swelling Disappears After Surgical Repair of a Blowout Fracture of the Eye Socket/cheek Bone?

I am currently 3 months post surgery and still have quite a bit of facial swelling. Trauma involved fractures to side of eye socket, floor of eye... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Get Both Infraorbital Rim Implants And Malar Implants?

Surgeons have told me that I have a deficiency under my eyes. One surgeon recommended infraorbital rim implants. Another suggested malar/submalar... READ MORE

Orbital Blowout Fracture Maxillary, Do I Need Surgery? (photo)

- loss of vision. Now fully recovered save for some blurriness of objects near my eye and sensitivity to light. -No double vision at anytime, I can... READ MORE

Do Silicone Orbital Rim Implants Erode the Underlying Bone?

I am getting orbital rim implants under my eyes. They are supposed to fill out my hollows. However, there've been reports about erosion risks... READ MORE

I Had a Blow out Fracture About 20 Years Ago. However, my Trapped Muscles Were Not. Is It Too Late?

I was 17 when I was hit in the face. I was told that I had a blow out fracture and surgery was preformed to install an implant on the floor. I have... READ MORE

Orbital Fracture Can It Be Fixed?

I got hit in the left eye by a tennis ball when I was like 10. I didn't know that it could have broken bones inside of eyeball. I also have gotten hit... READ MORE

Cheek and Orbital Repair Following Injury

I was injured 20 years ago in my face. my cheek is flat and there is a slight drop under my eye. can this be repaired with implants or some type of... READ MORE

Symmetrical bones asymmetrical eyes (Photo)

I'll put the cat scan in here. The difference in my two sides is small but the eyeballs are different and I think I know why. I learned more about fat... READ MORE

I am from the UK and am seeking advice on orbital rim implants. Any suggestions? (Photo)

Ive tried but fillers dont seem to be the solution. The problem's that my lower lids pertrude directly below and around the lower side of my eyes,... READ MORE

Is there a surgeon out there that has successfully removed infra-orbital rim implants along with the screws that were used?

Is there a surgeon out there that has successfully removed infra-orbital rim implants along with the screws that were used? The implant is made by... READ MORE

Oculoplastic Surgery: To What Extent Can Plastic Surgery Alter the Eyes?

My question is somewhat open-ended -- what exactly makes eyes so different? What makes eyes "cute" vs. "sexy?" Is it their shape?... READ MORE

Orbital fracture with 2mm of inapthalomus

I am going to have an occular implant surgery but I am very concerned that there may still be inapthalomus after the surgery. Is this a needless... READ MORE

Can anyone recommend a Surgeon who specializes in fixing sinking eyes into the orbit?

My eyes are sunken in, especially my left eye after upper eyelid surgery a year ago. The eyelid crease is awkwardly placed high in inner corners and... READ MORE

Orbital floor implant for eye asymmetry? Can an orbital floor implant or something else raise the eyeball slightly?

I have an asymmetrical face. This is not due to any trauma or accident rather something I've had since birth. The right side of my face is different,... READ MORE

Is Orbital Translocation a real procedure? Can it be a solution to my facial asymmetry? (photo)

Hi this is a x ray of my face and as u can see my right orbit is quite lower than the right one, I know everyone are asymmetric to some point but I... READ MORE

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