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Suggestions to Fix Disproportionate Face and Neck Bands?

I have a long, disproportionate face and neck bands and need advice. I have always had a long face with chubby cheeks as a youngster, and while they... READ MORE

How to Fix Crepey Neck?

I am 62 years old. My skin is good with no wrinkling but my neck sags and I have deep lines on each side of my mouth... I smile a lot and that seems... READ MORE

What Are the Solutions for a Webbed Neck?

I have been diagnosed with a webbed neck although I do not have any of the syndromes that usually accompany it. I want a normal neck and I realize... READ MORE

How can change my round face shape? (photos)

Hello , I am 35 years old , my Height is 167 cm and my Weight 59 KG I have a round face , I wanted remove some fat from under cheek and Jaw and jowl... READ MORE

Sagging Neck Tendon

I Have an Unsightly Sagging Tendon on the Right Side of my Neck Only. I've Traced the Tend and it seems to have an origin on the medial clavicle,... READ MORE

What Procedure is Best to Help Neck Area Under Chin?

I have some under neck issues - that I know are genetic. I am 53, good health - what would be my best option? It doesn't matter how thin I am - my... READ MORE

I want to look more delicate, prettier, more angular. Which procedure would be best? (Photo)

I feel like my features are too close, my neck too wide, lasonabial folds too pronounced, not enough jaw definition, bad nose job-- what would I need... READ MORE

Can Jawline Definition Be Improved by Removing Excess Skin?

I am not overweight but have no definition to my jaw line whatsoever. I have been turned down for a neck lift and for Smart Lipo. I've tried... READ MORE

Jaw contouring? My problem areas are my cheeks, jaw/chin, and directly under the lower jaw/onto the neck. (photo)

Options for slimming the sides of my face, can the jaw be shaved, do I need fillers? I also have a TMJ issue, so would getting jaw surgery for... READ MORE

Is There a Way to Thin the Upper Neck?

I am not overweight and my jawline is pretty firm but my neck seems to flare on the sides, not sure if this is muscle or fat. It's shaped like )( and ... READ MORE

I have bulgy eyes, weird neck, and a tiny chin. How can I improve my profile? (Photo)

My profile really weighs me down. I like how I look form the front, but from the side, it's a whole other story. I have bulgy eyes, weird neck, and a... READ MORE

I have a lean body but my face is heavy, round & my neck is fat. Is there any treatment that could make my face slim? (photo)

Please suggest me if there are any non surgical ways to slim down my face or is surgery a must to reduce it? READ MORE

Looking for Good Facial Plastic Surgeon in Texas, Dallas or Austin Area

I am 53 and would like work done on my face, eyes, and neck. Need recommendation for doctor specializing in the face due to bells palsy about 15 years... READ MORE

Loose Chin/Neck Skin - What Are my Options?

I Have 2 Small Folds of Loose Skin Under my Chin/neck Area, Its Very Minimal, What to Do? READ MORE

Chin implant, lipo, neck lift or something else to improve non-existant jawline? (Photo)

Hello. My jaw line is really soft, and I would like to improve its appearance. I am happy with my face from the front, but the profile is not great.... READ MORE

Primary Rhinoseptoplasty + Multiple Procedures - Do Together or Separate?

Male, 53. Procedure: Primary rhinoseptoplasty + possible multiple procedures (neck lift; submental lipo; upper/lower bleph; fat grafting). In addition... READ MORE

Subcision of the Platysma to Alleviate Neck Banding?

I have had this suggested to me by a surgeon. Is it a viable solution and could it cause future problems, such as slackness in the neck through lack... READ MORE

I have a small face and long neck. How to increase face length/size/width? (Photo)

Sir, iam 6ft2in guy, my face looks smaller frm a far distance and also having a long neck i am sending a photo... I NEED A BIGGER FACE COMPARED TO MY BODY READ MORE

Will my Original Smile Return After Nose, Chin and Neck Surgery?

It's 2 weeks after surgery when I had my neck lifted, chin augmented and nose remodelled. The results are pleasing. I feel balance has been... READ MORE

Sagging Skin on Face and Neck for 2 Years: Do I Have Cutis Laxa? (Photo)

Ive been having sagging skin for over 2 years, im only 20 years old and its stretchy on my neck and face ,feels like i only have epidermis everywhewre... READ MORE

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