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Overbite, Deep Mento-Labial Fold, and Protruding Chin. What Do You Recommend? (photo)

I have an overbite, deep mento-labial fold, but also a protruding chin. What would be my options to improve the look of my lower face? Thank you. READ MORE

My Face is Masculine and Ugly. Any Suggestions for Improvement?

My nose is too big and wide. I think open AND closed rhino will suit me. My philtrum is too visible. The nasolabial folds around my mouth are deep and... READ MORE

What are my options to get rid of nasal labial fold lines? (photos)

I am 50 years old, those folders and long wrinkles along the folds drive me nuts and make me look sad if I am not smiling. I am doing yoga facial... READ MORE

Face Lift, Neck Lift or Chin Implant? (photo)

I am 37 years old and starting to show real signs of aging. My cheeks seem to be falling. I have deep nasal labial folds and a sagging chin. I have... READ MORE

Several Procedures to Obtain a More Feminine, Beautiful Face? Nose, Chin, Eyes, Nasal Labials. (photo)

My suggestions for myself are: Open AND closed rhinoplasty. I hate the width of my nose bridge and I hate the flare of the nostrils. Facial injections... READ MORE

What is More Ideal and Cost Sensitive for a Young Woman? Cheek Implant or Restalyne? (photo)

I am planning to get facial plastic surgery. I have included two pictures. One of my actual appearance, and the other of my ideal appearance. I have... READ MORE

Mid Cheek Flat, Face Sag, Tear Troughs, What Procedure Should I Get? (photo)

I need opinions.My face sags.Cheeks are flatter, had a round shape but now mid cheek flattening, falling lip corners, too much in lower area.Which... READ MORE

Have facial asymmetry when ever i smile I have distortion of the lower right nasolabial fold, can anyone please help me asap?

I am very depressed can't do anything right.  I have facial asymmetry when ever i smile and laugh as I have distortion of the lower right... READ MORE

How can displacement of my nasolabial sulcus (fold) on the left side of my face be corrected?

I had a linear (maybe 3/4 inch long/quarter inch wide) skin injury (chemical burn) on the left side of my face perpendicular to my nasolabial sulcus... READ MORE

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