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Skull Reshaping in Los Angeles?

I am searching for a doctor in Los Angeles area who can do cosmetic skull reshaping. I am a 29 yr old Caucasian female and I have an abnormally small... READ MORE

What's Best - a Button or Extended Implant for the Jaw?

I've heard the edges of a button implant can be difficult to blend into the jaw but extended implants create a better jawline; however they also widen... READ MORE

What is Best Option for a Narrow Facial Structure?

I am a 30 year old male with very narrow face. I barely have any fat in my face and my cheekbones are very thin as well. Palatal expander option to... READ MORE

Are Cheek and Jaw Implants Effective at Filling out a Long Narrow Face?

I have a long narrow face, including a long midface/nose...i was wondering if Jaw and Cheek implants would work well to bring balance to my face. READ MORE

Jaw contouring? My problem areas are my cheeks, jaw/chin, and directly under the lower jaw/onto the neck. (photo)

Options for slimming the sides of my face, can the jaw be shaved, do I need fillers? I also have a TMJ issue, so would getting jaw surgery for... READ MORE

26 year old. How can I fix my face? (Photo)

What can I do to fix my face? I feel like all my proportions are off, like it's too long, too narrow, too thin, big forehead, chubby long nose, flat... READ MORE

Suggest me best plastic surgery treatment option for my narrow face problem? (photo)

Suggest me best option for my narrow face problem because of my cheek... i am from india.. tell me best surgery or non-surgery option with less or no... READ MORE

Is there any way to change the distance between eyes and mouth?

Hello, my face are very long and narrow, and the distance between my mouth and eyes is very big which give my face very wierd and ansimetric apearance... READ MORE

What procedures would help me get an attractive, symmetrical face? (photo)

I was thinking about rhinoplasty for a narrower nose and chin augmentation. READ MORE

Should I Get Zygoma Arch Reduction and Mandibular Angle Surgery?

My cheekbones look very prominent from a 45 degree angle, making my face look too angular, and my face looks too wide from a frontal view. should I... READ MORE

Does a Surgery to Reduce the Width of my Head Exist?

The plastic surgeon would have to burr on the skull on the sides of ones head. It could just be a little bit. Also, is there a surgery that reduces... READ MORE

Is there a procedure that can make a wide head more narrow? (photos)

Hi my head is pretty round giving it the illusion that its small like a basketball. i was just wondering if theirs a procedure that can make my head... READ MORE

I Fear I Have an Underdeveloped Bone Structure?

I was obviously not made to understand the importance of milk and calcium as a child and from the ages of about 9- just recently have not had much... READ MORE

Is There a Surgical Procedure That Will Make my Narrow Face Wider/fuller/rounder? Surgery to Make Narrow Forhead Wider/broader?

Is There a Surgical Procedure That Will Make my Narrow Face Wider/fuller/rounder? Surgery to Make Narrow Forhead Wider/broader? READ MORE

(Female/22) My face looks like it's melting? Chin, Cheeks, HELP (photos)

I want my face to be beautiful. My mouth looks like a giant whole in my face. My smile looks bad. Is this fixable? The 4th photo is how I wish my face... READ MORE

What Do You Think is the Best Procedure to Make my Face Slimmer and Narrow? (photo)

What do you think is the best procedure to make my face slimmer and narrow...and one more question..if I give you a choice to make just one procedure... READ MORE

Is there anything that can help narrow my face? (Photo)

I have to stay extremely thin for my face not to become very wide. I also have a fairly big nose. If you look at Clooney or other attractive people,... READ MORE

I have a narrow forehead between temples and a brow bone that I don't like, can these be fixed? (photos)

My brow bone is dominate and looks like a mild caveman look, I have always hated it, plus my forehead above my eyes are too narrow against my full... READ MORE

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