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Can Jawline Reduction Possible on a Muscular Jaw?

I seem to have a lot of muscles in my jawline vs. bone. Is it possible to get jaw reduction to get a smaller jawline even though I have a lot of muscle? READ MORE

Sagging Neck Tendon

I Have an Unsightly Sagging Tendon on the Right Side of my Neck Only. I've Traced the Tend and it seems to have an origin on the medial clavicle,... READ MORE

Surgical Excision of Muscles for Glabellar Wrinkles?

How long does surgical excision of the muscles last, as a treatment for glabellar wrinkles? Also, how effective is it in reducing wrinkles that... READ MORE

Radiofrequency for Reducing Jaw Muscle

I was told that by using Radiofrequency (RF), it can reduce the muscles around the jaw for a more slimmer look. It's similar to using botox in the... READ MORE

Jawline Reduction w/o Altering Jaw Muscle

Is it possible to file down the jaw bone and leave the jaw muscle alone? READ MORE

I Was Attacked 2 Years Ago Resulting in Several Facial Fractures, Why Still Swollen? Will Muscles Regain Their Strength? (photo)

2 years ago i got attacked in a robbery.i had a broken nose,nasal,facial and eye socket fractures,swelling on my brain,resulting in bad but improving... READ MORE

Has anyone heard of removing temporalis muscle?

I had a meningioma resection of left sphenoid wing. The temporalis muscle detached after surgery and sits atop my cheekbone. I saw a craniofacial... READ MORE

Asymmetrical smile from bone structure, facial muscles, or habit? Too many factors. (Photo)

All I want is a nice smile but there are so many problems I have no idea where to start. 1. Asymmetrical jaw - teeth line (?) slope down to one side 2... READ MORE

Any suggestions on bulge of fat/muscle in front of ear? (photos)

I have a strange bulging of fat and muscle on my right side that completely blocks my ear from the front. Bigger when jaw clenched and ear relaxed (if... READ MORE

What is the Medical Term for Jawbone Surgery That Includes Filing Down the Jawbone Without Impairing the Jaw Muscle?

I am thinking of having my jawbone filed down slightly, since its angular and rather edged shape makes it seem too masculine. In order to find the... READ MORE

one side of face tighter/more muscular

When I feel the left side of my face it feels tighter and more muscular then the right side, which feels less defined and more like fat then muscle. I... READ MORE

Fixing An Uneven Smile - Muscle? Fat? Dimple? (Photo)

My goal is to make the left side of my smile (left side of the photo) match up to the right side. I prefer to have the defined nasolabial lines on... READ MORE

Protruding muscles stretching between bridge of nose and eyebrows after nasty period of stress. Help! (Photo)

I've developed a protruding muscles stretching between bridge of nose & my eyebrows This came after a nasty period of stress Now my face looks... READ MORE

Is this a muscle in my cheek or a fat pad? (photos)

This bulge shows up when I make a kissy face and I don't like it. It's only on one side. The corner of my mouth on that same side also pulls down when... READ MORE

How to widen and add muscle to my face?

I have a thin and a long face I want to broaden it and get an attractive and symmetric face READ MORE

Muscle question: Medial infraorbit rim, lateral infraorbit rim + malar components and components under intraorbital nerves

I am 29 year old, had the implant in for 6 months. Proje: 3-4mm. The implant was customized to fit my face perfectly. The fit is good but the material... READ MORE

Digastric muscles shaved or plicated?

Hello, i am a 29 year old male in Essex, England. I have had a consultation with a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, originally i thought i may need a... READ MORE

Facial asymmetrical due to sleep on one side constantly?

I sleep on my right side of my face on the pillow. My left-side angle picture looks different than my right side, my right side more faltter and the... READ MORE

What is wrong with my facial structure and how can I fix it? (photos)

It appears that the muscles in one side of my face are weaker than the other. The weaker side of my face tends to drool sometimes too. What is this... READ MORE

What is my facial shape? And do I need genioplasty? (Photos)

What is my facial shape? Do I have big masseter muscles? I corrected my posture and now I can see that my chin isn't as recessive as I thought it was.... READ MORE

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