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Is Plastic Surgery Surgery Less Expensive if You Are Having Multiple Procedures?

Apart from paying for the anesthesia once for both multiple procedures, can you get discount for having multiple procedures. For example, let's say... READ MORE

What procedures should I do to make myself more pretty? My chin is too small and I want a smaller nose. (Photo)

1)My nose is very meaty, how do I make my nose smaller? Would a nose tip plasty suffice? 2) my face is very meaty, what kind of procedures can I... READ MORE

I want a trout pout and feel like my eyes are too small. Should I consider plastic surgery? (Photo)

I have self esteem issues, I dont know if my face is completely fine or if I should consider augmentations. I considered... Rhinoplasty I considered... READ MORE

Jaw+Chin+Rhino Implants? (photo)

I was wondering how much would all these implants cost and should i let my surgeon do it all at once or one by one to avoid the chances of infection I... READ MORE

How Much Would It Cost if I Got All of These Procedures Done? (Individual Prices Please!)

I live in Canada, and was wondering how much it would cost for me to have the following procedures done: Lefort 1 Osteotomy Rhinoplasty Sliding... READ MORE

Multiple Facial Procedures Plus Cheek Implants is This Too Much at Once?

Hi I am looking to have surgery in the next few weeks and have the following procedures: Brow Bone Reduction Chin Contour Tracheal Shave Minor... READ MORE

What procedures, if any, could fix this angry/tired look? If multiple procedures, which ones should I prioritize? (Photo)

All my life I've gotten comments about how I look angry, tired, or antisocial--even when I'm happy and having a great time. I suspect it has to do... READ MORE

Is it possible to improve significantly my face? (photo)

I am 19 years old and I am not hurry, but I would like to have a series of procedures planned. I think about getting: a rhinoplasty, a chin... READ MORE

How can I make my face more proportionate and younger looking? (photos)

I'm thinking of rhinoplasty, cheek/chin augmentation, subtle lip augmentation and botox in my masseter muscle to make my face less round. My fat... READ MORE

Is It Normal To Receive a Discount for 2-3 Treatments at One Time?

How normal is it to get or ask for discount for 2-3 treathments at on surgery? In this case 2-3 facial treatments at one surgery. Does this happen in... READ MORE

Is It True That Anesthia Changes the Chemical Make-up of Your Body? (photo)

I am 28, and want to undergo rhinoplasty, breast augmentation, and get a chin implant. Since all of these procedures are costly I was considering... READ MORE

I'm debating between Chin/Cheek Augmentation & Eyelid Surgery/Rhino. Which surgery would improve my appearance the most? (photo)

I am debating getting either surgery to improve my face shape (chin/cheek augmentations), or surgery to improve my facial features (ptosis... READ MORE

Indecisive on Best Procedures for Me (Lip Augmentation, Rhinoplasty, Jaw Shaving...) Any suggestions? (photos)

Hi! I like how I look, I think I'm fairly pretty. But I know that my features can be tweaked to produce a better me. I wanna go towards looking like... READ MORE

Any suggestions for Cheek, Chin, Jaw Implants and Rhinoplasty?

Hello, I have always wanted to have a more defined, chiseled, sensual facial appearance and have been considering cheek, chin, and jaw implants along... READ MORE

How Much is Too Much?

I've been thinking long and hard about consulting a facial plastic surgeon. But I don't know how many procedures a person can typically get in one... READ MORE

Can a surgeon refuse you as a patient if you ask for too many procedures?

I'm in my early 20's and have wanted a nose job since I can remember, but now there's a few things I want in addition to that (lip injections, fillers... READ MORE

How Can I Achieve a Better and Balanced Facial Appearance? (photo)

I am a premed student in college, so I have done some research. I really want my facial features to be more in sync with each other. I feel like... READ MORE

What procedure should I get first to improve my appearance? (photos)

I have a weak jawline, a crooked nose, and a brow ridge that doesn't hide the hoods of my eyes. I want to get at least one if not all of these... READ MORE

What procedure/procedures would you recommend to make my face more attractive? (photos)

I have a few procedures on my wishlist but since I do not have unlimited funds I would like to do the ones that would make the most impact first. I... READ MORE

Any suggestions on Rhinoplasty, Genioplasty, and Lip Lift for Philtrum Shortening? (photos)

I would like to improve my overall facial proportions with Rhinoplasty, Genioplasty, and Lip Lift for Philtrum Shortening. I also need braces for a... READ MORE

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