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Best Way to Remove Fat from Around and Under Mouth?

I am in my late 20's now, but since my early teens, I lamented the fact that I had these sort of "fatty pockets" on either side of my... READ MORE

Why do i have balls of fat sticking out near the corners of my mouth? (photo)

I really hate how that looks the rest of my face is tight except for that fat under my mouth and near the corners of my mouth. When i smile they turn... READ MORE

Surgical Methods to Widen a Small Mouth?

Is there any way of making mouth wider i.e. surgical methods? READ MORE

What Causes the Droop Down of Corners of Mouth?

I already have had enough with the dropped facial muscles and don't want them to be worse. So want to know the causes so that I can avoid doing... READ MORE

Can This Crooked Philtrum Be Corrected?

I'm a 22 year old male, and something which bothers me a lot about the way I look is my crooked mouth / philtrum area. Possibly caused by braces.... READ MORE

Pouches Under Mouth (Age 25) - Options?

Hi! I'm a woman, age 25, just starting to notice the first signs of aging, and unfortunately, those are most noticeable under my mouth! I've... READ MORE

Is There Any Way to Lessen the Size of my Big Mouth?

I hate it when i smile with my mouth closed. and when i laugh coz it shows all of my teeth. is there a solution to my problem? READ MORE

Can I Have Orthognatic Jaw Surgery? My Mouth Is Small, And My Chin Is Receding (photo)

I am in braces,my 4 bicuspid teeth are pulled for the treatment and teeth spaces will be closed which will make my jaws smaller. The problem is I have... READ MORE

I Have Fat/ Protruding Buldge Around Corners of Mouth, Options?

I have these pockets of fat/ skin that buldges out around the corners of my mouth and is more apparent when I smile and makes me look older. The lower... READ MORE

To get rid of perineal mounds around the corners of mouth. What can I do besides surgery to help with this? (Photo)

I believe I have perioral mounds on my face or what people call a chubby face. But I weigh only 122 and I'm 5.6. I've had this my whole life but I've... READ MORE

Do I need surgery for my facial asymmetry? (Photo)

I have recently noticed how asymmetrical my face is. It is noticably more asymmetrical than average. I have a twisted nose, crooked jaw line, and off... READ MORE

35 Year Old Male. Unhappy w/ Chin, Cheek and Side of Lips - Options?

I am a 35 year old male. I have been unhappy with my chin and cheek and the area to the side of my lips. I have been considering fat transfer for the... READ MORE

Why Do my Lips Poof out at Sides? (photo)

I've thought of everything - maybe my maxillary jaw is too far forward, my cheeks are too big, my mouth is too wide, I have an overbit (I don't think... READ MORE

Mouth Open Unconsciously

Ever since I was a kid; people usually tell me that my mouth is open. And, I would like to know why that is happening all the time? READ MORE

Why does my chin stick out? what do i do to get it my chin/mouth to be in harmony? (photos)

Please help :( I've done so much research and found no explanation as to why my chin sticks out like it does or why it looks like it's got a dent in... READ MORE

I can't close my mouth naturally

After a jaw surgery and two chin implant removals, I can't close my mouth naturally anymore. My chin is dimply but the main concern for me is my lips... READ MORE

What Can I Do to Improve my Buccal Area and Smile?

I really dislike my mouth/ buccal area/ smile. I had orthodontic treatment as a teenager but still I believe my teeth and gums are protruding and that... READ MORE

What's Wrong with my Side View of my Face? (photo)

The front of my face looks okay, but my side view is all funky looking. What could I do to fix this? My mouth sticks out to much it seems like, but I... READ MORE

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