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What is More Ideal and Cost Sensitive for a Young Woman? Cheek Implant or Restalyne? (photo)

I am planning to get facial plastic surgery. I have included two pictures. One of my actual appearance, and the other of my ideal appearance. I have... READ MORE

Best option for sagging cheeks/jowls on 29 year old?

I have always had fuller cheeks which have now sagged and caused jowls. I had juvederm put into the pre jowl area and marionette lines but still look... READ MORE

Does Anything Work Well for Marionette Lines?

I have terrible marionette lines and was told by a plastic surgeon that marionette lines are "tough". But he had no recommendations. Any... READ MORE

Is Buccal Fat Pad Removal a Real Option for Me?

I'm a healthy 19 year old female standing at 5 foot tall and just under 99lbs. I am a lucky size 0 but have a fat face. The main fat seems to sit... READ MORE

I am a newbie, but interested in looking younger, but... What to do first and at what price? (photo)

I 'd like to remove marionette lines, improve elasticity, fill hollow cheeks. READ MORE

I've had a mini facelift, fat injections and Juvederm, but my marionette lines won't go away. What else can I try?

HELP!!!!! I have these horrible marionette lines that just won't go away! I've had a mini facelift, fat injections and Juvederm. What else can I... READ MORE

What is the best option to fix my long asymmetrical face? (photos)

I currently have braces for cross bite and overcrowding. I'm seeing an oral and maxillofacial surgeon today for an opinion on my crooked jaw. My eyes... READ MORE

What Can I Do About My Facial Asymmetry?

I am 24. For many years now Ive recognize a very distinct asymmetry in my face. I understand that everyones face is asymmetrical, but i feel it is... READ MORE

Is there a surgery to remove marionette lines? (Photo)

Am one month out from a lower face+ neck lift. Love the results. However, Im still seeing 100% of the marionette line I had before. Is there a... READ MORE

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