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What Options Do I Have to Broaden My Mandibular and Face?

Hi After one year i'm very despaired. In september 10 i had all my wisdom teeth removed. One year after, it's horrible. as you can see on the... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Change the Facial Contour?

Hi I'm currently in my early thirties I'm bothered with my facial contour. My face looks long,my cheekbones stick out and the curve on my mandible sit... READ MORE

Can a growth spurt in height result in further bone growth of facial characteristics (jaw, cheekbones?)

I'm a 17 yo male standing 5'9" tall. I'm not sure if I've done growing but let's I'm not and I hit an extreme growth spurt and get at 6'2". Apart from... READ MORE

How Long Until I Will See The Final Results After Mandibular Implants?

I had mandibular implants pre-jowl implants put in around 10 days ago , how long must I wait to see the final results because at the moment I am very... READ MORE

What I Can Do About the Asymmetrical Face? (photo)

1-i'm always hate to take pictures Bcuz the camera is the only one can show the asymmetrical face as what u see.. bony area as #1 mark in pic(1) and... READ MORE

I'm 21 yr old male. What would you recommend for my feminine face and receded jawline? Is there any hope for me? (photo)

Im a 21 year old man at a decent weight but i have an extremely feminine face and a receded jawline i had braces for years when i was a child but i... READ MORE

Mandibular advancement surgery possible? (photos)

I had braces when I was 12 years old and had them removed at the age of 15. At the time of the consultation with my orthodontist(when I was 12) he... READ MORE

When This Multi Loculated Collection on my Cheek Will Go and How?

I met with an accident two months ago.I had stitches on my left cheek and fractures of zygoma and coronoid process.I was not given any surgical... READ MORE

Do I Need Surgery to Correct my Uneven Jawline (photo)?

My jawline is very uneven. the bones arent right and my left face is longer and narrower than the right side. i took X-rays and the doctor said i... READ MORE

How Should I Go About Treating Collapsed Mandibular and Maxillary Segments?

My untreated bruxism has turned for the worse and now I am suffering it's cosmetic consequences. My maxillary and mandible segments have collapsed... READ MORE

Mandible Implant Swelling?

I had mandible implants surgery about 6 months ago and everything was going great until I started to get swelling on the right side. The swelling is... READ MORE

Can my mild facial asymmetry be corrected? (Photos)

Hi I have a very mild facial asymmetry. It looks as if my left side of my face is "sliding off". My left ear appears "lopsided" compared to the right... READ MORE

What is the best solution for my chin & for my lips as I can't close mouth properly?

I was gone thrugh surgical procedure - left Hemimandibulectomy+left SOHND & reconstruction procedure-microvascular free fibular flap frm right leg...1... READ MORE

Will a sliding genioplasty and mandibular osteotomy give me a defined jawline? (Photos)

I plan on getting buccal fat removal , jowl liposuction , neck liposuction along with genioplasty and mandibular osteotomy. Will this give me the... READ MORE

Maxilla, mandible palate, position of teeth. (Photos)

The first picture I consider ideal. I myself dont show gum when smiling. My teeth are behind my lips when smile in profile nose drops when... READ MORE

Recommended treatment for facial asymmetry? (Photo)

I have a partially dislocated or displaced jaw (right side) that occurred when I was around 13 and never had corrected (working on fixing this). From... READ MORE

What options do I have regarding improving my facial aesthetics? (photos)

To start off, I would like to just mention that I am actually 18-years-old. Although I look very young. I know at this point in my life that I am,... READ MORE

Asymmetrical face. How do I treat it? jaw is tilted more towars right my face is doctor told my that my one mandible was smaller than the do i... READ MORE

Bilateral Sagittal Split Osteotomy screw placement. (Photo)

Dear most excellent doctors , Can screws and the plate in bilateral sagittal split osteotomy (for condylar/hemimandibular hyperplasia) of the mandible... READ MORE

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