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Can I Make my Long Face Appear Shorter by Shortening my Nose and Chin or Possibly a Fat Graft?

I have a long face but i was wondering if there are things i can do to either make my face look more oval or square with good overall balance. My... READ MORE

What Can Be Done to Make a Long Face Look Shorter and Possibly Wider? (photo)

I have a long face and also long features that accompany it like nose and chin. my question is what can you do about a long nose/long midface to make... READ MORE

What can I do to shorten my face? (photos)

My forehead is too big and my lower face is too long. I hate the distance between my nose and my lips, the distance between my lips and my chin, and... READ MORE

I Want to Look More Like Megan Fox? How Can I Achieve that? (photo)

I have a long face with chubby cheeks and a lot of eyelid space. When I don't wear eye makeup people always ask if I was out drinking the night before... READ MORE

How to shorten my face? I want a small baby face. (photos)

Always had a long-ish face. rhinoplasty gave me a shorter nose and lengthened philtrum, just generally made my face look longer/older. i'm getting a... READ MORE

Face Too Long/features Too Small? (photo)

I feel like my face is too long for my features, giving me an awkwardly masculine/stretched out look. I feel like my face would look much better if my... READ MORE

Maxilla Reduction. Realistic? Costs? I Have a Long Face.

I'm a 19 year old woman, and I've been very uncomfortable with the length of my face for many years. I've given it a lot of thought, and decided that... READ MORE

Face Changed, Shortened, Feminized? (photo)

Please help I'm a 21 year old female, I absolutely hate my face I won't go outside because of how ugly & (deformed) I look, I have had therapy... READ MORE

Long Face, Wide Nose, Small Lips? (photo)

Hi! The proportions of my face bother me. Unfortunately, the area that I live in does not provide good options for reconstructive surgery, therefore I... READ MORE

What's Wrong with my Face? (photo)

Well it is bother me really bad cuz I am tired of getting made fun of for having a "big chin" long face, flat face etc..I know my face has serious... READ MORE

Is there something I can do to make my face wider? (photo)

Just feel like my face is a little bit too long and would like it to look shorter and rounder like in my photoshoped version. Would a simple nose job... READ MORE

What makes my face appear so long and masculine? (photos)

I always felt that my face looks very long and masculine. Also in my chin area it looks "lumpy" and dimples appear when I close my mouth. What... READ MORE

Long Mid Face?

HI. I have long mid face,and i consider to have surgery,but i don't know there is possible surgery for this . if there is surgery to treat long mid... READ MORE

Do I have long face syndrome? What procedures are available to correct my facial disharmony? (Photo)

I was just wondering by looking at my pictures if I have long face syndrome and what procedure are available to correct my facial disharmony. I have... READ MORE

My face is long but my facial features are too small. Any surgery that would make my face more spaced out? (photo)

Hello, well first of all i feel that my facial features are rather small, my eyes, nose, and mouth are too close together, giving me a 'kid' like... READ MORE

Do I Have 'Long Face Syndrome' And, at 33y/o, is It Fixable? (photo)

I have never, to my knowledge, breathed nasally and my lips do not naturally close when my mouth is at rest. I have an extremely long face (Halloween... READ MORE

Make a Long, Narrow Face Fuller? (photo)

I'm almost afraid to ask this question because I don't really want to confirm what I already know but I have a long narrow face. Specifically my... READ MORE

How to Shorten my a Long Face? (photo)

I feel like my face is extremely long and I don't know how to go about fixing it. I already got rhinoplasty about 6 months ago and asked my surgeon... READ MORE

How Can I Make my Face Look Less Long? (photo)

Hello, I'm Claire and I'm 21 years old. I'm gonna make a rhinoplasty soon but I think I need to change my face shape to look better. I hate my long... READ MORE

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