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Flat Cheeks, Drawn Face, Feel Like I'm Frowning All the Time (I'm Not) - What to Do?

I'm in my early 30's. I lost a ton of weight yrs ago and it's taken a long time to get off the yo-yo dieting cycle. Could years of weight... READ MORE

Deep Hollows Under Eyes and Large Malar Fat Pads - Advice?

I am having a very difficult time determining what I need done. I have deep hollows under my eyes, and I also have huge malar fat pads that stick out... READ MORE

How Can I Make my Face More Feminine? Rhinoplasty Etc? (photo)

I am a mixed woman looking into Rhinoplasty to make my face look more feminine. There r a few other things I have noticed about my face that I would... READ MORE

What procedures would you recommend to correct the eyes, brows, & angry look? (photo)

I am 47 and unhappy about my eyes... I am looking for corrections on my upper eyelid, brows and lines on the forehead. My major concern are my... READ MORE

What do I need done to my face to look more attractive? (Photo)

I feel over the years something has gone wrong ! I don't know if it's my sunken eyes or the tip of my nose seams larger and the bottom half of my... READ MORE

Can surgery get rid of temporal lines? (Photo)

I have very obvious temporal lines running down my forehead (very much like the picture attached). They almost sag and droop sometimes when I smile or... READ MORE

What is wrong with my eyes and nose? What will fix them? (Photo)

My eyes are a bit small but, my eyelids have lines in them and are huge! My nose is huge! READ MORE

What would you do to my face if I were your patient? (photos)

I have recently lost over 100lbs. I am very tired in these picture so they are a good ones for showing what I need done. I have creases and bags under... READ MORE

How can I decide on the right treatments to improve my face? (Photo)

Hi there! So, I've basically hated my face forever and it's really hurting my self confidence. I'd love to know what I can get done to improve the... READ MORE

I have sagging neck, acne scars and lines and bags under my eyes. Who is the best doctor to fix? (photos)

I am 50 hrs old and need to look 25 yrs. I have small children and I look like their grandmother.. I am getting Dr Hedden to do a breast augmentation... READ MORE

What's the best way to treat lines that are appearing at the side of the nose on the cheek from top to bottom? (photo)

What's the best way to treat lines that are appearing at the side of the nose on the cheek from top to bottom? (see photo - line on left side of face... READ MORE

What is happening with my face? (photos)

I couldn't find anything about the problem like mine on the internet so please tell me is it some health or just an estetical issue. I'm 18 years old... READ MORE

How Can my Face Look More Balanced? (photo)

Hi, I am 28 years old from New York. I am extrememly conscious of my side profile. I know that there's something out of balance in my face but I can't... READ MORE

How would I achieve a proportionate face and more attractive features? (photos)

What would doctors recommend in order to achieve a more attractive and palatable face? I feel as if one side of my face sags down more than the other,... READ MORE

I am curious as to what options I have to correct my bulging eyes and deep lines around my cheeks (tear troughs)? (Photo)

I have always been bothered by these deep lines around my cheek bones, but Ive noticed that my eyes protrude out from the side(s) slightly and was... READ MORE

I have lines in the depressor anguli oris and depressor labii inferioris, I'd like something more long lasting, peel?, laser?

I have lines in the depressor anguli oris and depressor labii inferioris( I looked them up on-line).  These lines run from under bottom lip... READ MORE

I'm 19 years old male and have a line running under my eye protruding into my cheek. What treatment would you recommend? (photo)

Hey there. Like i said before, I'm 19 and i have a line under each eye and i'm not sure what to do! Up until 3 weeks ago my diet has been awful all my... READ MORE

Can you make me pretty? (Photos)

My face bothers me. I think my nose is one of the problems and I think my face is generally asymmetric. I'm not quite sure what else. I would like for... READ MORE

Is it possible to create small lines around the mouth and wrinkles on the forehead through surgery? (photo)

I know it sounds like an unusual request and im not talking about crows feet. Instead, I want to have wrinkles created on my forehead and around my... READ MORE

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