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Want Bigger Forehead/raised Hairline

I'm female, 30, with a very small forehead that throws off my features. I've read that a brow lift can make your forehead bigger. I've... READ MORE

Is There a Way to Make Eyes Longer?

I have deep set eyes, that are a bit round. They look like Angelina's eyes but more round. I was wondering if there is a way to make them longer?... READ MORE

I Had a Facial Lipofilling with Stem Cell Enrichment Done on my Face and I Regret It?

Please help! I had a surgery all at the same time: a nose job, mini cheek lift, mini eyebrow lift, facial lipofilling (with stem cell enrichment) 2... READ MORE

Which Procedure First? Mini Facelift or Cheek Implant Surgery?

Hello doctors, I have a puzzling question for you guys today. I have a surgeon in mind to do my mini facelift but I also want cheek implants done by a... READ MORE

How do I get rid of this round look on my face? (photos)

Hello, Is this a lack of structure or a lifting issue or both? I want more angles on my face but lose the chipmunk look. Is it possibly to achieve a... READ MORE

Can a Hairline Scar Incision Lift the Mouth Area?

Some doctors have told me that adding a hairline incision above the ear in a facelift can help give more vertical lift and help lift the mouth area... READ MORE

What should I do to have more lift and contour? (photos)

Hi doctors, what do you suggest i have to have a subtle lifting effect? I thought of cold laser treatments, radiesse, or voluma. I don't want my face... READ MORE

My face appears so sad when its in relaxing position!! What can I do to help? (photos)

My face appears soo sad when its in relaxing position!! What can i do to help? I was thinking canthoplexy or an eye opening procedure you might... READ MORE

Temple lift to pull eyes/eyebrows outward and up. Not full blown eyelid surgery. Please help with options. (Photo)

I posted a question about this the other day but most of the responses were referring to eyelid surgery. I am not looking for traditional eyelid... READ MORE

The eye, eyebrow and cheek on one side of my face droop down. What can I do to fix it? (Photo)

It really bothers me, my eyebrow, eye, and cheek on one side of my face droop down. what would be the correct procedures to get these fixed and lift... READ MORE

Post Surgical Brow Lift Facelift Neck Lift? (photo)

Today I am one months post surgery which I had on April 17, 2013 I had a brow lift with implant which I was told would have Longer lasting results . I... READ MORE

Am I a good candidate for a lip lift,nose surgery and face reshape? (Photo)

Good day dear doctors,well i will like to know if i can have longer and smaller nose,my face dont look femenine from the side, can it be corrected?... READ MORE

Rhinoplasty/facelift query. What am I a candidate for? (photos)

Hi there. I am in the UK and considering a face or chin lift. Also a nose job to reduce my pointy nose to a smaller curved nose. The chin is my... READ MORE

What's the best way to improve my appaerance? And what would be the price? (photos)

I'm 22 and i had always struggle because of my appearance. I had in my mind for many years the idea of getting a Upper lid Blepharoplasty; there is... READ MORE

I want to buy a salon machine for facial lift and building collagen

Please help wich taype of machine beauty salon use better for building collagin i want buy machine salon use for lift facial and good result for... READ MORE

What procedures can lift up the sunken part of my face (right side)? (Photos)

I have Noticed that I have gained an uneven amount of fat around my face. The First photo shows that my right cheek is sagging down maybe as a result... READ MORE

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