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One side of my face is clearly larger than the other. How can I make my face more symmetrical? (photos)

As you can see in the pictures one side of my face is clearly larger than the other. My left cheek looks swollen and my jaw is not alligned. My left... READ MORE

Jaw Implants for More Masculine Look?

I've gone my entire life with a very long and narrow face. I consider myself a somewhat attractive guy and would like to look better. I know that... READ MORE

Options for a Wider, Fuller Face

What Should I Do for a Wider More Fuller Face, Jaw Augmentation with Cheek Implants? I Feel my Face is to Flat and Narrow. I have been looking for... READ MORE

Medpor or Silicone Jaw Implants?

I have had a number of consultations with my maxillofacial surgeon about jaw implants and he says that Medpor is the better of the two and that... READ MORE

Celebrities with Jaw Implants?

Which celebrities do you think have jaw implants? I'm trying to figure out how a jaw implant would look on me. How about Conan O'Brien? Do you think... READ MORE

Is there a way to make my cheeks and jaw smaller? (photo)

I am really embarrassed to post these pictures, but i really need to know, is it my cheeksbones or my jaw that are so huge? or is it both? i am very... READ MORE

Can Jaw Implants Widen My Narrow Face?

I am a female with a very narrow jawline. can jaw implants give a natural fullness to my lower jaw? do all surgeons perform this operation? READ MORE

Possible to Correct Change in Face After Underbite Surgery?

I had an underbite, so 2007 my upper jaw was moved forward 6mm. why did I do it? I sing and heard with a correct occlusion you can speak better. This... READ MORE

What Are Options for an Adult with a Small Jaw to Improve Profile and Bite?

When I was 25 yrs old, I went to an orthodontist to ask for treatment options for what I thought was an overbite. He said that my top teeth are... READ MORE

What did Kylie Jenner do to her jaw/chin? (photo)

Hey what did Kylie do to her jaw/chin? I want to achieve more of a heart shaped face instead of an long face with no structure and she changed her... READ MORE

How Long Does It Take Swelling to Go Completely After Jaw Implants

Hi, I wanted my jaw line slightly more square and defined so I decided to get some jaw implants. I also got my nose done, but you can't even tell,... READ MORE

One Eye Appears Bigger and Asymmetrical Jaw? (photo)

My face is not symmetrical at all. One of my eyes looks a little higher and way bigger than the other one. My jaw is also asymmetrical. How could I... READ MORE

Why Are Jaw Implants Such an Uncommon Procedure?

After getting a chin implant one month ago, which I really like, I'm now considering getting jaw angles implants. Here in Europe, it is really... READ MORE

What to Do for a Round Face?

Ok i have a rarely fat round face, almost down sydrome looking. i am realling wanting sugery as its driving me insane. what options could you... READ MORE

Am I a Good Candidate for Jaw Angle Implant?

Dear doctors, Am I a good candidate for jaw angle implant?if yes,what type of it?and the cost? my jaw line is so narrow ,it make my look like a... READ MORE

Options to Improve Male Profile

Hey I am considering getting some plastic operations done to improve my facial features though I am having a hard time deciding what to do. Simply put... READ MORE

What are my options for severely asymmetric jaw and face? (Photo)

My upper jaw is on a complete angle leaning towards the left side of my face. I have worn braces and my teeth are quite straight. The right side of my... READ MORE

Male Model Look? (photo)

How would you augment my face, make it the most harmonious. I am looking for what you would describe as the "Male Model Look". Could you please tell... READ MORE

Best Treatment for Vertical Maxillary Excess and Retrognathia?

I'm unhappy w/the lower half of my face. Had braces 2x. The area between my upper lip and nose is too long & protrudes too far. My lips don't meet... READ MORE

Am I A Candidate for Two Jaw Surgery?

Hi my Name is Key. I Have Quite a Long Face,flat ,wide and Upper Jaw Protruding I Guess   I have long wide and flat ( Especially my middle and... READ MORE

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