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Osteomas on forehead?

Since I was little I've had these two bumps on my forehead and since I've grown up, I can notice that they are slowly growing as well. I'm not sure... READ MORE

Sudden Droopiness in Face - What are My Surgical Options?

About a couple months ago I had this sudden facial weakness and droopiness in the left side of my face.Involving the zone within the eye and the... READ MORE

Broken Cheek Bone Wasn't Fixed Right Away - Covered by Insurance?

Would fixing the cheek now be a cosmetic procedure or do you think my insurance would cover this old injury? READ MORE

What Procedures Would I Need to Correct my Asymmetrical Face and Does Insurance Cover Anything? (photo)

What Procedures Would I Need to Correct my Asymmetrical Face and Does Insurance Cover Anything? READ MORE

Would Insurance Pay For The Removal Of An Infected Jaw Implant?

If someone had jaw implants and got a serious infection that can't be treated would insurance pay for the removal. READ MORE

If my insurance covers bell palsy, which procedure do you recommend me to choose?

I had suregy outside the usa doctor cut nerve .i suufer of bell pasy 4 years ago i have my upper left lip down my smile has become ugly .if i make... READ MORE

Should one doctor handle all my surgeries for a better result?

Getting maxillofacial done by one doctor. It is covered by my insurance that is why I'm going with him. Found another doctor that does rhinoplasty and... READ MORE

Cutis verticis gyrata and possible forehead lipoma. Can this be treated, and will my insurance cover it? (Photo)

I did not have this problem until 2010, then the thickening of the folds in my scalp started as well as my forehead. I had a thick head of hair and... READ MORE

how much does it cost to get rid of a medium to small sized osteoma on the skull/side of the head? (photos)

I bumped my head in 8th grade. Now, it hurts so much and gives me headaches and it is sensitive when it is touched. Is this covered by insurance or is... READ MORE

What can fix a long face? (Photos)

I've been unhappy with the shape of my face for some time now, but never really looked into treatment. I think my face is a little long and I wanted... READ MORE

I fractured my right cheekbone 3months ago and now it doesn't match my left side. Would it be covered by my insurance?

My right eye has been bothering me ever since im not sure if its related to the fracture. but would it be covered by insurance to fix READ MORE

Finding a doctor that can make my skull look normal after craniotomy? Will insurance cover this type of procedure? (Photo)

I had a craniotomy over a year ago for a subdural hematoma. The surgery was a success, but it has left my skull misshapen and caused persistent facial... READ MORE

What is wrong with my face, why is it like this and how do I fix it? (Photos)

What is wrong with my face, why is it like this and how do i fix it? My jaw line is extremely crooked. I literally run from cameras because if my jaw... READ MORE

How can I fix my facial asymmetry? Also, what is causing it? (Photos)

I have had noticeable facial asymmetry for a few years now. I'm not sure if it is getting worse or if it is just getting to me, but since I'm only 20... READ MORE

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