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Temporal Wasting, What Are My Options?

Hi. I suffer from temporal wasting, my head indents inward giving it a bubble like appearance lol.... I'm really self conscience about it.... I'm... READ MORE

"3 Dimensional" Nasolabial Folds with Indented Cheeks

Hi, I'd really appreciate a response, as I can't find any helpful information online.I'm 26 and am concerned about changes in my face over... READ MORE

Vertical Forehead/eyebrow indented scar revision question (Photo)

It has now been 3 months without significant improvement. It was not sutured at the time (far from medical attention) but butterfly bandaged to... READ MORE

How much would surgery cost to fix a slight indentation in my forehead and what would the risks be? (photo)

(i.e. weaker forehead, etc)I have a slight indentation in my forehead that looks like a dent in the middle of my forehead and makes me very self... READ MORE

Is it possible to get rid off the hole like indentation on my forehead? (Photo)

I have this hole indentation from birth on my forehead between the eyebrows (genetic I guess, my dad has it raised), and I would like to know if it is... READ MORE

Bone Cement or Autogenous Bone Graft for Supra orbital rim bony defect?

I have a (relatively small) indent in the bone of my orbital rim right above my eye. This resulted as a complication from a previous surgery. I am not... READ MORE

I'm stuck with indentations all over my face. Is there any way I can get rid of this?

I had bad acne scars as a teenager now as an adult i have indentions all over my face, would I need medical treatment? or is there a cream or home... READ MORE

Can I get plastic surgery to correct two congenital indents on just the left side of my face? Is this a deformity? (photo)

I was born with these indents. I find it odd that they're only on the left side of my face. This is frustrating because I'm left with an asymmetrical... READ MORE

What would cause a dent to form in the middle of my forehead? (photo)

A few months ago, I noticed a dent forming in the center of my forehead which kind of looks like I was hit with a ball ping hammer. I have never had... READ MORE

I have dents on my forehead that have ruined my life emotionally. Can I make them go away? (Photo)

I hate my face... This is a last resort, how can I get rid of these damn bumps? And will it cost money? READ MORE

How much would it approximately cost to have a forehead dent removed? About half an inch, not very deep (Photo)

I have an indented scar on my forehead from hitting my head on a rock when i was a little kid. I would like to know how much it would cost to be... READ MORE

Forehead indentations, can I surgically have them fixed or smoothed out? (photos)

I recently noticed i have these strange indentations appearing on difference parts of my forehead and would like advice on surgically correcting them READ MORE

Have multiple aspects of my face that I would like to improve. Can the following attributes be fixed & how can I do so? (Photos)

Nose - Bulbous tip, crooked (twisted?), large from front and side. Left & right profiles are to totally different. Want a smaller nose (less... READ MORE

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