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Permanent Solutions for Low Cheek Bones, Tear Troughs and Facial Hollowness?

I'm barely 20 years old and all my life I've had shadowing under the eyes and a gaunt face. What especially bothers me is the inner-upper... READ MORE

I Have Really Bad Under Eye Hollowness and Tissue Loss Under Eyes. Restylane Didn't Help- What Can I Try? (photo)

I am a 20 year old male that had recently injected restylane. i have really bad under eye darkness on my left eye especially that looks really bad... READ MORE

Loose Skin and Volume Loss After Weight Loss and Age. What To Do About Hollow Eyes? (photo)

I am 31 and lost a little weight. I noticed hollowness under my cheeks. I lost volume under my eyes due to age and have dark circles. I have always... READ MORE

What Are my Options for Addressing Lower Face Hollowing Without Significant Down Time? (photo)

I have developed increasing hollowing of my lower face over the last 3 years. I also have a jaw deformity (one side is higher, set back further and... READ MORE

Soof Lift for Lid Lagophthalmos - Are Cheek Fillers an Alternative?

I have moderate mid face decent (the apple of the cheek is now sitting udner the cheek bone but i have no other aging) coupled with large myopic eyes... READ MORE

57 Y/o F W/deep Dark Thin Hollowness Undereye Seeking Best Approach to Improve Appearance.

One doc says browlift, upper eyelids with only laser resurfacing of lower lids. Another recommends SOOF several years ago on consult. Posting photo...... READ MORE

What methods would you recommend to get a rounder face? (photos)

I hate the shape of my face; it makes me look unfriendly and older than I am. I have sharp, bony-looking cheeks and a hollowness, especially under my... READ MORE

what can i do with hollowness and black under the eyes?

What can i do with hollowness and black under the eyes? I dont want to keep injecting every 6 months. Is Fat Injecting the way to go? Thanks for your... READ MORE

I'm considering facial solid implants. Could you give me some advice please? (Photo)

Am a 50 YO male, with very marked under eye hollowness, temple and sumalar hollowness. I have been having temporal fillers for years now, but they are... READ MORE

Any advice on how to bring balance and harmony to my narrow face? (photos)

I have a narrow face which puts a lot of emphasis on my nose and chin. This makes the lower half of my face very prominent. I also have very deep... READ MORE

Can i have a more shortened face? (photos)

I have long face with long chin which is unbalanced. This is most probably because of open mouth breathing and orthodontic procedures i undergone for... READ MORE

Under-eye Hollows and Sunken Sagging Cheeks/ Midface?

I am 29 yo female unhappy with her facial aesthetics. I have deep, hollow eye sockets, in the under eye area, and also sunken sagging cheeks. The... READ MORE

What Procedures Will Help me to Have a Younger Face? Overbite and Guantness. (photo)

Hi, I am concerned with the gauntness of my face, especially since I am just 25 years old. I seem to always look frail and tired. I would like a more... READ MORE

Any suggestions for temporal augmentation? (photos)

I have a very marked temporal hollowness, which I have overtime, tried to correct with various injectables including fat, Radiesse, Juvederm,... READ MORE

i'm a 21 years old male African and i have suffered for a long time of a head shape deformity can skull reshaping help.

Temporal hollowness/extremely small head/facial trait all too close/ skull proportion smaller than any body i ve ever met till now.my little nephew of... READ MORE

Thinning on one side of the face.

Over the past two years, one side of my face has lost more fat than the other. It is most noticeable in the flattening of my front cheek projection, a... READ MORE

Which facial procedure would be right for a square and chubby face? (Photos)

I have a very round cheeks, and carry a lot of fat in the lower half of my face. I also have a very square/bulky jaw and chin with excessive fat build... READ MORE

Eye hollows and large nostrils (Photo)

I'm wondering which procedures are best for me - under my eyes are so hollow you can easily feel the edge of bone if you touch lightly. I've had this... READ MORE

I'm a 67 y/o w/w. My cheeks are gaunt and hollow and getting worse every day. (Photo)

My skin feels tight across the top of my ears across the middle of my face. Loose skin under my ears sagging jowls and neck.? Would small cheek... READ MORE

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