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Want Bigger Forehead/raised Hairline

I'm female, 30, with a very small forehead that throws off my features. I've read that a brow lift can make your forehead bigger. I've... READ MORE

Is it Possible to Add Height to a Forehead?

I doubt that a forehead lift would do what I'm after, but is there a way to perhaps alter the positioning of my hair line? Or perhaps some kind of... READ MORE

Is There a Surgery to Raise a Low Hairline Without Removing the Hair or Changing the Brows?

I have a low hairline. I've tried removing the hair previously but the results are pretty unnatural. Is there a way to raise the hairline without... READ MORE

Is There a Surgery Which Can Reduce the Size of my Forehead?

I've heard of browlifts but that sounds like only raising my eyebrows when I want my actual hairline about 2cm shorter (6.5cm currently) If there is,... READ MORE

With implants on your forehead, are the only risks involved infections?

There are small risks of fillers in the forehead area causing blindness. With implants are the only risks involved infections? And is the shape of the... READ MORE

Are there Any Options for Lifting Temples and Hairline? (photo)

Hi i've attached two photos of my upper face, the second one is how i look when i pull back my hair backwords and upwards, it gives my upper face,... READ MORE

Can the Scalp Be Reduced in a V Shape on Both Temples?

I always wanted bangs that were full, but not thick- just a small amount of hair; but because I have much less hair on both sides on my head, I end up... READ MORE

I need a LOT of work done (eyes, nose, cheeks, chin, skin, lips)! What is the best procedures to target flaws & costs. (photo)

Best procedures for treating receding hair line (hair transplant as well as forehead reduction?), deep forehead lines, deep crow's feet, severe double... READ MORE

What surgery would you recommend to make my face look more appealing? (Photo)

My insecurities are my face not being symmetrical, big nose, bag under one eye, uneven eyes, top eyelid lower than the other, one eyebrow is a... READ MORE

Indecisive on Best Procedures for Me (Lip Augmentation, Rhinoplasty, Jaw Shaving...) Any suggestions? (photos)

Hi! I like how I look, I think I'm fairly pretty. But I know that my features can be tweaked to produce a better me. I wanna go towards looking like... READ MORE

Which cosmetic procedure or injections would be the best to give me a more feminine, softer look, without losing 'me'? (Photo)

Which procedures would be right for me? Starting with the hairline, I'd like to bring the corners down so they are less masculine. My nose is too wide... READ MORE

I have a two faces because the bone on my forehead ever since I was young which has affected how my hairline is crooked? (Photo)

Want to now if my face is asymmetrical and is it fixable at age 18? want to know is their anyway to fix it or remove this bone sent on my forehead... READ MORE

Skull Reshaping Near Boston, MA? (Photo)

I'm currently leaning towards having some form of augmentation to my skull near the hairline area. Was hoping to find a doctor reasonably close to me... READ MORE

Is it possible to turn my diamond face shape into a heart face shape?

I have a diamond face shape, which gives me a narrow forehead and hairline and i hate it. Is there any way to widen the forehead to make it more... READ MORE

Procedures to make Face more Feminine and Attractive? (Photo)

At rest, without smiling my face is not soft and feminine as I would like. I favor my father, and take all his features. I have different angles of my... READ MORE

Possible to flatten forehead? (photos)

I'm a guy and I usually wear my hair down (only wearing it back for the picture) because of my high hairline and the fact that the right side of my... READ MORE

Surgeries to change facial structure? (Photo)

My face is really weird, when I am not smiling my face looks ok but when I smile my cheeks get really round and with my big round forehead I literally... READ MORE

What Are Some Recommended Procedures to Reduce the Size of a Face and Change the Overall Shape? (photo)

My face is large because of a high hairline and long jaw bones. I also have excess fat under my chin and around the jawline of my neck. My high... READ MORE

Why is the right side of my face significantly more asymmetrical and weaker than the left? (photos)

The right side of my face as shown in the photos has always given me problems. My smile is weaker, it feels droopier, my hairline recedes and it just... READ MORE

How can I increase my facial height by a large amount? Do I need to if everything is already proportioned? (photos)

I am an adult male but my face from hairline to menton measures at 175mm's and my zygos measure 143mm's across. I already went to a plastic surgeon... READ MORE

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