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Orbital Fracture - Will It Fill in on Its Own?

From the report: Left orbital floor blowout fracture with minimal displacement identified. Minimal intraorbital fat extends into fracture defect. No... READ MORE

How Long Does It Take For An Orbital Fracture to Heal?

About 3 months ago I got into a car accident , and fractured a couple things and they all have seemed to heal except my orbital fracture on my left... READ MORE

Can I Fly Safely with an Orbital Blow Out?

Left Orbital Floor Blowout Fracture w/ Minimal Displacement identified. Minimal Intraorbital Fat Extends Into Fracture defect. No Extra Muscle... READ MORE

How Long Before All Facial Swelling Disappears After Surgical Repair of a Blowout Fracture of the Eye Socket/cheek Bone?

I am currently 3 months post surgery and still have quite a bit of facial swelling. Trauma involved fractures to side of eye socket, floor of eye... READ MORE

Orbital Blowout Fracture Maxillary, Do I Need Surgery? (photo)

- loss of vision. Now fully recovered save for some blurriness of objects near my eye and sensitivity to light. -No double vision at anytime, I can... READ MORE

I Was Attacked 2 Years Ago Resulting in Several Facial Fractures, Why Still Swollen? Will Muscles Regain Their Strength? (photo)

2 years ago i got attacked in a robbery.i had a broken nose,nasal,facial and eye socket fractures,swelling on my brain,resulting in bad but improving... READ MORE

Fractured Eye Socket?

About 12 days ago i was running and i tripped over a retaining wall and landed mostly on my eye/forehead i was not knocked out but was numb to the... READ MORE

I Had a Blow out Fracture About 20 Years Ago. However, my Trapped Muscles Were Not. Is It Too Late?

I was 17 when I was hit in the face. I was told that I had a blow out fracture and surgery was preformed to install an implant on the floor. I have... READ MORE

Orbital Fracture Can It Be Fixed?

I got hit in the left eye by a tennis ball when I was like 10. I didn't know that it could have broken bones inside of eyeball. I also have gotten hit... READ MORE

Its been 2 months since my zmc fracture was repaired. However, the eye on that side appears smaller, and the lid is droopy

Will this improve with time? May I need another surgery? On my inital ct scan, it said there was NOT an orbital blowout fracture, but instead a... READ MORE

Orbital fracture with 2mm of inapthalomus

I am going to have an occular implant surgery but I am very concerned that there may still be inapthalomus after the surgery. Is this a needless... READ MORE

Do you think I need surgery for my tripod fracture with depressed zygomatic arch component?

CT Scan report summary: left sided tripod fracture with depressed zygomatic arch component. There is a subtle fracture of the left orbital floor, in... READ MORE

I was seriously injured in a bike accident. Is there a surgery which can make my eyes look even again? (photo)

I was seriously injured in a bike accident (march 2013). Comminuted fracture of frontal sinus region, lower jaw fracture, CSF leak etc which was... READ MORE

Is it too late to get surgery to repair a depressed cheekbone?

I fractured my cheekbone in 2013. I saw a doctor immediately and was told that the fractures were benign and that no surgery would be needed. I was... READ MORE

Orbital Eye Fracture Lower Lid Adhesion. How can I treat this? (Photo)

I had a blowout fracture of my left orbit repaired in February 2013 . The repair was performed via transconjunctival incision. My lower lid developed... READ MORE

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