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Can I get rid of the bump on my forehead? (Photo)

Doctors and Surgeons around! Thanks for answering. I had this bump on my forehead since I was like around 7 years old, I fell on tile. Didn't bother... READ MORE

Is Brow Bone Reduction Difficult?

I have a prominent brow, which bothers me as it creates a lump on my forehead and gives me a neanderthal look (picture on the left is me). Is it... READ MORE

Is it possible to remove hard lump on forehead caused by bumping head, how much does it cost and the risks?

I strongly bumped my forehead (right above the right eyebrow) 3 years ago and a hard dime sized lump formed in its place. I consulted a doctor about... READ MORE

I have two protruding bones on the top of my forehead? What are my options to fix it? (photo)

I have been searching options to fix my forehead but I still haven't found one. I have protruding bones (or perhaps dents?) on my forehead and it is... READ MORE

Want Bigger Forehead/raised Hairline

I'm female, 30, with a very small forehead that throws off my features. I've read that a brow lift can make your forehead bigger. I've... READ MORE

I hit my head 3 yrs ago, it formed a bump on my forehead, made of bone (right side). Can this be removed by a surgeon? (photos)

The bump has been there for 3 years and nothing seems to be happening to it, it hasnt gone down nothing. Ive been very self consious about this bump.... READ MORE

How to Smooth Out / Get Rid of Bump On Forehead?

When i was 15 i got hit in the head pretty hard. I was in a tight situation & i didn't get to ice it down or anything till the next day. this... READ MORE

Flat Forehead: Can Injections Be Used Instead of a Forehead Implant

Forhead implants sounds risky so if someone has a flat forehead and wants to correct it can injections be used instead? would the results be good... READ MORE

Treatment for Small Bump on my Forehead Right Under the Hairline?

What is the treament for bump on my forehead it is noticeable but not hurting. it is like a dime size. READ MORE

Forehead Brow Bone Reduction Surgery and Cost? (photo)

36 male and I am not satisfied with my shape of forehead for many years,can anyone helps me to find out what are the procedures and the cost of surgery? READ MORE

What can I do to shorten my face? (photos)

My forehead is too big and my lower face is too long. I hate the distance between my nose and my lips, the distance between my lips and my chin, and... READ MORE

What are these dents on my forehead? (Photo)

Indentations of forehead primarily in the middle can only be seen in certain light Can feel an indent with fingers when touched Is there anything that... READ MORE

Possible to Reduce the Bumpiness of the Forehead?

 It is possible to reduce the bumpiness of the forehead with surgery? To smooth the bone out? thanks. best regards READ MORE

How Can I Remove This Bump on my Head? (photo)

I have a bump on the middle of my forehead which I got when I was pushed off my bike as a child landing on a concrete floor head first, it's shaped... READ MORE

I am a male with a narrow forehead. Can a Forehead Be Widened?

I am a male with a narrow forehead. I would like to widen my forehead and increase the circumference of my head. I am 5'-9" tall and cannot wear an... READ MORE

21 Year Old Male with Bossing Frontal Forehead. Which Procedures Are Good and Cost?

Which procedures are best to correct this and the cost of not satisfy with my looks and very looking forward to have surgery if possible to... READ MORE

21 Year Old Male, Neanderthal-Like Forehead - Options and Cost?

Iam a 21 Year Old Male with a Neanderlike Forehead and I Would Like to Correct This and Know the Cost of the Procedures? Update: Photos here. READ MORE

Is It Possible to Achieve a Rounder, More Protruded Forehead?

I am a female and happen to have a very flat and receded forehead. This makes my profile look very weak. Is it possible to achieve a forehead that... READ MORE

Supraorbital Reduction (Brow Shaving) in Women Without Much Protrusion?

My brow is slightly prominent, but the bone along my hairline is equally prominent, it’s just the mid forehead that appears concave and even on... READ MORE

Which Procedure Should I Have Done First to Make my Fcae More Feminine?

Since I have made up my mind that I want to fix my facial structure which involves in two area. First my masculine forehead ( Forehead contouring,... READ MORE

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