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Solutions for Deepset 'Sunken' Eyes and Flat Cheeks?

I'm only 30 but sometimes look several years older. In certain lighting and camera angles, I look awful! I've had very deep set eyes all my... READ MORE

My Skull is Flat on Top

Hi, I have always thought my head looked abnormal. I have recently noticed my skull is flat on top and not rounded like everyone else. This makes me... READ MORE

Surgical Options for Flat Face

I had a flat face (no cheeks, no chin). I recently (2 wks ago) got a chin implant,neck lipo and fillers on cheeks. I am very very happy with my result... READ MORE

I Have a Flat Head. Is It Safe to Have an Implant Just for Cosmetic Reasons?

I want to have a round beautiful back of my head. If I put the silicone, anything possible to have side effects like a numbness? How much does it cost... READ MORE

Skull Reshaping in Los Angeles?

I am searching for a doctor in Los Angeles area who can do cosmetic skull reshaping. I am a 29 yr old Caucasian female and I have an abnormally small... READ MORE

My face is very flat from the side?

I have a very flat face, my cheeks, forehead, etc. From the front it looks kind of normal but from the side its very flat with no volume. What can I... READ MORE

Can Plastic Surgery Correct a Flat Skull from Plagiocephaly?

My son is 13 Yrs. old. he has plagiocephaly. the right side of the back of his head is flat and somewhat crooked. When he was a baby my pediatrician... READ MORE

Solution for Treating Poor Cheek Bones and Scleral Show?

I was born with scleral show and flat cheek bone area under eye. Is there a non surgical way to fix this? Thanks! READ MORE

Suggestions on how to fix a flat face? (Photo)

Looking for suggestions on enhancing my flat facial profile. Would any of the non surgical fillers work in my cheeks and possibly lips and nose bridge... READ MORE

Bad Side View. Cosmetic Surgery? (photo)

My side view cause my confidence to plunge since i started to notice it when i'm 13 years old. >>16 this year 1 .is there like any safe cosmetic... READ MORE

Any Facial Bone Structure Shaving or Changing Procedures Possible for my Flat Face?

Hi docters im so depressed right now and crying but please tell me is there any possible ways so shave or sand down my maxillary bone and a bit of my... READ MORE

How much can the scalp be stretched to allow for a skull implant? (photo)

I have a very small, flat head as well as a slanted forehead likely due to some form of plagiocephaly or lack of natural plate expansion.Together they... READ MORE

My Face is Flat and Asymmetrical. Could I Have Had Bells Palsy? (photo)

Hi, I am wondering if I could have had Bells Palsy and not known it? My face is assymetrical and my one eyelid droops down (my lips too). Looking back... READ MORE

What treatment would you recommend for my side profile to be attractive? (photos)

Hi..My side profile looks ugly and protruded mouth makes it look long ..My cheeks looks flat and its just totally flat looking face until I smile.... READ MORE

How much will this facial makeover cost? Is the morphing reasonable? (photo)

L am wonderinghow much this "total makeover" will cost me. I am so tired of my flat cheeks, small and round chin, and my upturned nose, which is the... READ MORE

37 with Flat Cyst Under Eye About Size of Pencil Eraser: Best Option for Removal?

At one point was more of a papule like pimple but drained and left with deflated appearing cyst. Grew larger after pregnancy. Dermatologist saw and... READ MORE

What Cosmetic Procedures Can Help Make My Eyes Deeper-Set and Make Face Less Flat?

1. My eyes protrude my brow bones and cheekbones. 2. I have epicanthic folds, but pulling the skin on my nose bridge makes them disappear. 3. I have... READ MORE

Facial asymmetry causes the left side of my face to look smaller and flatter than the right. How can I improve this? (Photo)

Dear experts, As you can see from the pictures I have a noticeable degree of facial asymmetry which makes the right side of my face look a lot bigger... READ MORE

How Would I Look After Having Cheek Implants? and Perhaps Rhinoplasty or Alar Reduction? (photo)

I hate that my face looks flat and my nose is flat, both the bridge and tip of the nose...there is so many risk...i'm very scared.... READ MORE

I Have High Cheekbones, No Bridge in my Nose, and Small Squinty Eyes. Any Suggetions? (photo)

My nickname growing up was chinese woman, cause when I smile you can barely see my eyes. It almost looks like gilbert godfry eyes :) I have a nice... READ MORE

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