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19 Yr Old Sagging Cheeks, No Fullness on Cheekbones Very Full Lower Cheeks. What Can I Do?

I have always had chubby cheeks but now they appear saggy. I have very little volume on my upper cheeks and a lot of volume around lower cheeks and... READ MORE

Suggestions on how to fix a flat face? (Photo)

Looking for suggestions on enhancing my flat facial profile. Would any of the non surgical fillers work in my cheeks and possibly lips and nose bridge... READ MORE

Are Cheek and Jaw Implants Effective at Filling out a Long Narrow Face?

I have a long narrow face, including a long midface/nose...i was wondering if Jaw and Cheek implants would work well to bring balance to my face. READ MORE

Should I get brow bone shave? Can any of the fillers be used for my forehead? (photos)

Hi I'm a male and I have noticed that I have browbone and I know it is not very noticable, I am just wondering If it is normal and can any of the... READ MORE

With implants on your forehead, are the only risks involved infections?

There are small risks of fillers in the forehead area causing blindness. With implants are the only risks involved infections? And is the shape of the... READ MORE

Jaw contouring? My problem areas are my cheeks, jaw/chin, and directly under the lower jaw/onto the neck. (photo)

Options for slimming the sides of my face, can the jaw be shaved, do I need fillers? I also have a TMJ issue, so would getting jaw surgery for... READ MORE

Permanent Procedure for Cheek, Jawline and Lower Lip Filling?

Was involved in car accident and lost depth in cheek and jawline leftside only.. I have had 5 operations with fat transfer but within 2 months it... READ MORE

Is there any way to fix facial asymmetry without having to alter bone structure or using fillers? (Photo)

Help! major facial asymmetry! I have a habit of chewing w/ only the left side of my face which likely caused the Masseter muscles on the left to be... READ MORE

I hate my nose and chin. It looks very pointy and witch like. What would you recommend? (photos)

Is there any surgery / fillers that you would recommend that would make my face and side profile nicely softened ? I look pointy and witch like and my... READ MORE

Fillers in Forehead?

As I am reluctant to continue with botox in my forehead I am wondering if fillers can work as an alternative? I still want to get rid of my wrinkles!... READ MORE

My face is very asymmetrical, can it be corrected? (Photo)

I've always been told I sad pretty but my face is lopsided, to the point I can never wear my hair off my face. I try to camouflage it with bangs but... READ MORE

Best Filler for Upper Face?

I have a lot of volume in my lower cheeks, but I feel like my upper face is relatively flat. I've hesitated to have filler placed below the eye... READ MORE

I want surgery but I don't know what to get. Can you give me some advice? (Photo)

Hi! i have been having a complex with my face for a long time now, but i can't pinpoint what it is exactely that i need. I dont know if it's my jaw or... READ MORE

I'm interested in fixing my facial asymmetry. What would you recommend?

Hi I'm interested in correcting my facial asymmetry. My face has always been crooked, but it seems like it is getting much worse over the past 7-8... READ MORE

Are there fillings available for the "under the eye" area, between the lower eyelid and cheeks?

I wanted to know if there is any fillings available in the market today for the area under the eyes (in between the lower eye lid and the cheeks). I... READ MORE

Do People with Long Midfaces Often Get Fillers, Implants and Reductions?

Are they the standard makeovers used by a plastic surgeons to make a face look rounder and to make the nose look shorter? Is the whole process more of... READ MORE

How Can I Improve my my Facial Aesthetics? (photo)

Hi, I wanted to find out from the experts, what would be recommended in my case to improve my facial aesthetics. My face seems a bit square in shape.... READ MORE

I have an oval face shape just like Ashley face (pic 1) is there anything I can do to achieve Lucy Hale's face shape? (photos)

I want to go from oval face shaped to triangular but not the inverted triangle, the actual triangular face shape. With fillers or perhaps Phoebe to... READ MORE

Do I have malar deficiency or tear troughs deformity and what are the options for treatment? (Photo)

I'm 22 it's genetic, it's visible even in my baby photos. I tried HA(don't remember what type and it made no difference, it only created bumps) and... READ MORE

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