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I Would Like a Girlier More Delicate Look to my Face? What Can Be Done for Me?

I have my father's nose, so I am seriously considering rhinoplasty. I think my nose is far too large and masculine for me. What can be done to... READ MORE

Which Procedure Should I Have Done First to Make my Fcae More Feminine?

Since I have made up my mind that I want to fix my facial structure which involves in two area. First my masculine forehead ( Forehead contouring,... READ MORE

Is There a Procedure to Change the Profile of my Face?

I don't like the side-view of my face. I have a flat forehead, short nose, and a protruding chin. I've always wished I had a more feminine... READ MORE

Options to Make Asian Face More Feminine?

I feel like my face is round and flat and I don't like the way light hits my face (i.e. it gives my forehead a dented appearance). I want a more... READ MORE

Help! Female, Wants a More Feminine Facial Appearance

I'd like to feminize my features a little more. I find that when I'm not wearing makeup, I tend to not look so soft and, well, pretty.... READ MORE

I have reached my forties my face has seemed to take on a masculine appearance. What is the best way to feminize my face?(photo)

What procedures will help feminize my face? Although I live my strong cheekbones and am not concerned with crows feet or fine line, which I believe... READ MORE

What would be the best and least costly procedure to soften up my face and fill out my cheeks ?

I am a 32yr old mother of 3, I hsve never been a man but I have been questioned. On numerous occasions my gender has been questioned my self esteem is... READ MORE

What Procedures Should I Have Done To Look More Feminine and "Balanced"?

When I take pics I look like, well this....I still hate my nose(had open rhinoplasty in 2005)I think I have either pollybeak or a bulbous tip, not... READ MORE

Can I surgically reduce the length of my mid face, including teeth and jaws?

Im very self conscious about my face, im female but my proportions i feel make me look very manly i would want to take a quarter to a half inch of the... READ MORE

What procedure could I have done to make my face look more femme? (photos)

I have a very oval face. I'm looking at having eyelid surgery to open my eys up/reshape them and thinking about getting a rhinoplasty done as well. I... READ MORE

As a guy, i want to look more feminine, what features should i consider changing? (Photo)

I am a male but i want to transform my looks not to an excessive degree but i want to make a few little tweaks to look less masculine. It sounds odd... READ MORE

What plastic surgery procedure would make me look more feminine? I feel my facial features are too masculine. (photo)

I'm not sure if rhinoplasty alone would be enough but I'm thinking of having other procedures done. READ MORE

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