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Is There a Procedure to Slim Down Asian Face?

I'm an Asian female with a relatively round face frame compared to a lot of Americans who have pointier, slimmer face shapes even though they are a... READ MORE

Facial Exercises for Sunken Cheeks and Fat Above Nasolabial Fold?

I asked a question about my sunken cheeks and fat above the nasolabial fold just a couple of days ago. The answers where interesting. I'd just like... READ MORE

Best Way to Remove Fat from Around and Under Mouth?

I am in my late 20's now, but since my early teens, I lamented the fact that I had these sort of "fatty pockets" on either side of my... READ MORE

Removal of Fat / Extra Skin on Back of Head

Where can i get the fat/extra skin on the back of my head surgically removed? i just want to know if theirs a surgery that can remove it, or should i... READ MORE

What to Do for a Round Face?

Ok i have a rarely fat round face, almost down sydrome looking. i am realling wanting sugery as its driving me insane. what options could you... READ MORE

Best procedure to reduce wide/fat face? (Photo)

I'm 23 yrs old and I feel that the lower half of my face is heavy, especially when i smile. I believe that this is genetics; older family members also... READ MORE

Procedure to Contour the Lower Face?

I've always felt that my lower face was a bit "fleshy" for the lack of a better word. I'm quite fit, and don't have a ton of fat elsewhere... READ MORE

Am I a candidate for chin implant with jaw liposuction and fat transfer to mid face and under eyes? (photo)

Just want to get some advice on possible treatment options, I've noticed that I've lost a lot of fat from my face over the years and now always look... READ MORE

Is Buccal Fat Pad Removal a Real Option for Me?

I'm a healthy 19 year old female standing at 5 foot tall and just under 99lbs. I am a lucky size 0 but have a fat face. The main fat seems to sit... READ MORE

What procedures can I have done to enhance my beauty? (Photo)

I would like to know coming from professional what is wrong with my face that is making it face is very fat and droopy causing me to squint... READ MORE

My face is round and fat whats the best recommendation?

Im 26 and im slim built love my body but insecure about my fat face READ MORE

I think I have facial asymmetry. The right part of my face is swollen. I think it's because of fat accumulation (Photo)

Hi.. I think I have facial asymettery.. My right part of the face is swollen .. I think its coz of Fat accumulation.. Please let me know how I can... READ MORE

Why do cheeks droop/fold at mouth corner? Fat? Perioral mounds? Bad genes? (Photo)

My cheeks have always drooped at the corners of my mouth a bit. (See pictures.) Even when I was in my early 20s or when I was super thin. (29 now.... READ MORE

Any suggestions on bulge of fat/muscle in front of ear? (photos)

I have a strange bulging of fat and muscle on my right side that completely blocks my ear from the front. Bigger when jaw clenched and ear relaxed (if... READ MORE

What Procedure will Give my Face Symmetry

The right side of the jaw line seems fatter, i cant figure out whether the jaw on the slanted or there's more fat deposited on the right jaw. It... READ MORE

Oculoplastic Surgery: To What Extent Can Plastic Surgery Alter the Eyes?

My question is somewhat open-ended -- what exactly makes eyes so different? What makes eyes "cute" vs. "sexy?" Is it their shape?... READ MORE

Fixing An Uneven Smile - Muscle? Fat? Dimple? (Photo)

My goal is to make the left side of my smile (left side of the photo) match up to the right side. I prefer to have the defined nasolabial lines on... READ MORE

Best options to consider for my eyebrows/ forehead? (photos)

Hi there .. Thanks in advance for your you can eyebrows/ forehead have fat over them. When I pinch the medial brow. I get the look I... READ MORE

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