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Is There a Procedure to Slim Down Asian Face?

I'm an Asian female with a relatively round face frame compared to a lot of Americans who have pointier, slimmer face shapes even though they are a... READ MORE

How to Improve Uneven Face?

Hi Doctor/s. As you can see in the photo my right eyebrow and eyelid droop. It really bugs me! Any advice as to what can be done? Thanks! READ MORE

Can I Change my Face Shape Through Surgery?

Right now i have a very flat,round,wide face shape i want to make it longer, is that possible through surgery? also is it possible to change the shape... READ MORE

Facial Exercises for Sunken Cheeks and Fat Above Nasolabial Fold?

I asked a question about my sunken cheeks and fat above the nasolabial fold just a couple of days ago. The answers where interesting. I'd just like... READ MORE

Age 23 - How to Make My Face More Oval Than Square?

I used to have an oval nice face that looked nice and tight all around. My cheekbones stood out beautifully due to this, but just recently my face... READ MORE

What to Expect with Graft on Face Due to Melanoma?

I'm having a flap or graft done on my face due to cancer. This will be on left side of face, cheek area. They said the whole cheek must be done as the... READ MORE

Pocket of Fat in Perioral Mound Area

The fat lumps starting at the corners of my mouth as shown in the picture have bothered me for some time now. I am wondering if any doctors have had... READ MORE

Options to Improve Facial Structure?

Is this the best a plastic surgeon can do for a Rhinoplasty? These are some photos from before and after for a rhinoplasty. Although I do not like the... READ MORE

Can Scar Gets Wider During Healing Process?

Underwent a serial incision surgery of a conginetal nevi on face.3.5 weeks after first stitches removal, the one straight line scar is healing however... READ MORE

Recommended Procedure to Treat Droopy Face and Paralysis?

I had a acoustic neuroma surgery that left my right side of my face droopy. Also paralyzed that side. Is there anything a doctor can do to help with... READ MORE

Surgical Options for Flat Face

I had a flat face (no cheeks, no chin). I recently (2 wks ago) got a chin implant,neck lipo and fillers on cheeks. I am very very happy with my result... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Correct Asymmetrical Smile Lines?

I have noticed within the last couple of years that my smile lines or rather, possibly maxillae, are asymmetrical. Looking back at pictures I realize... READ MORE

Is a round Face to able to achieve a V-shape face?

I have always HATED my round face shape, I always wanted a V shape face like Tyra banks or Victoria secret models. Is this possible to achieve with a... READ MORE

Suggestions to Fix Disproportionate Face and Neck Bands?

I have a long, disproportionate face and neck bands and need advice. I have always had a long face with chubby cheeks as a youngster, and while they... READ MORE

Wanting to Reduce the Size of Face

I have a wide and long face with very prominent cheekbones, a long forehead and facial fat around cheeks, jaws and neck giving me an overweight look,... READ MORE

Best Options to Widen and Shorten Face

I have a long thin face which just seems too long and/or thin and I can't work out what procedure would be best for my face. chin reduction? jaw... READ MORE

Procedures for Correcting Facial Balance?

Well, I know that I have a minor dorsal hump, but all my friends and family say it doesn't really affect the balance of my face from the font... READ MORE

My face is small compared to my body. What can I do to make it bigger, but keep the shape? (Photo)

I am 20 yrs old and my height is 5ft and my weight is about 50kgs. my main problem is that my face looks smaller compared with my body which makes me... READ MORE

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