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How to Improve Uneven Face?

Hi Doctor/s. As you can see in the photo my right eyebrow and eyelid droop. It really bugs me! Any advice as to what can be done? Thanks! READ MORE

Asymmetrical Face

I have ayssmetrical eyes but the one thing that bothers me the most about it is my eyelids. My right eyelid crease is higher than my left. I am aware... READ MORE

Options to Improve Male Profile

Hey I am considering getting some plastic operations done to improve my facial features though I am having a hard time deciding what to do. Simply put... READ MORE

What Type of Surgery Do I Need to Get on my Eyes?

This is how my eyes look. They are very different from each other. i like how my left eye looks but my right eye looks dead. it is because of the lid.... READ MORE

How much roughly would it cost to make my face symmetric? (Photo)

Honestly I have never seen such asymmetic face as mine in the whole universe! It is terribly noticeable especially when I record video of myself (but... READ MORE

Is This Ptosis Repair Overcorrected for the Second Time?

I had ptosis repair in my right eyelid 20 days ago. 14 days after surgery my surgeon decided to perform another surgery because there was... READ MORE

Long-Lasting Bruise on Upper Eye-lid and Above Eye-brow- What Are My Options?

I have had this bruise for as far as i remember, i am twenty now and i would really like to get rid of it. No doctors or dermatologist know what it... READ MORE

What Cosmetic Procedures Can Help Make My Eyes Deeper-Set and Make Face Less Flat?

1. My eyes protrude my brow bones and cheekbones. 2. I have epicanthic folds, but pulling the skin on my nose bridge makes them disappear. 3. I have... READ MORE

Recommended Procedures to Achieve Younger Face?

I am considering eyelid surgery but money is an issue. I can get it, but I was wondering if there are other options. Even if I do the surgery, what... READ MORE

Can I Have Eye Size/Shape Imbalance Due to Eyebrow Bone?

My right eye is smaller than my left, and it looks ugly! Also, I notice that my eyebrow bone on the left is more visible or more protruding than the... READ MORE

Possible to Combine Otoplasty, Eyelid Surgery and Forehead Correction?

 Forehead correction, Eyelid and Otoplasty. Is It Possible to Have All This Done at the Same Time READ MORE

Several Procedures to Obtain a More Feminine, Beautiful Face? Nose, Chin, Eyes, Nasal Labials. (photo)

My suggestions for myself are: Open AND closed rhinoplasty. I hate the width of my nose bridge and I hate the flare of the nostrils. Facial injections... READ MORE

Would Like Professional Recommendations For My Face? (photo)

I am looking for an honest opinion. I am 37 yar old female that has few questions that I would like a professional opinion on. 1. I feel that my right... READ MORE

What facial surgery procedures are right for me? (Photo)

One of my eyelids is more open than the other and it makes my eyebrows look uneven , like one is higher than the other & I feel like my cheeks / face... READ MORE

My Wife is in Constant Pain After Surgery

In December 2009, my wife had surgery above her right eyelid to remove what her eye doctor believed was a tumor. We came to find out after the... READ MORE

What Would Be Recommended for my Face? (photo)

Hello, I'm wondering what would be reccomended for me in terms of cosmetic surgery/procedures? I have the following concerns: 1. My chin appears... READ MORE

How much can be fixed from my car accident? (Photo)

I was in a really bad car accident 05/10/2006 and I've included picture below. My skin was stretched while I was in the hospital. I had wires on the... READ MORE

What surgery would you recommend to make my face look more appealing? (Photo)

My insecurities are my face not being symmetrical, big nose, bag under one eye, uneven eyes, top eyelid lower than the other, one eyebrow is a... READ MORE

What procedure do I need to look normal again? (Photo)

Please, I need help . Eyelid, Masseter bigger, tear trough, ptosis. READ MORE

Went from no sun damage to a face lift in little over a year; would PRP work? Is diagnostic testing available?

I have develop mid-face volume loss and stretched eyelids especially lower lids after c02/ulthearpy treatments, it seems to just get worse! All my... READ MORE

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