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Vertical Forehead/eyebrow indented scar revision question (Photo)

It has now been 3 months without significant improvement. It was not sutured at the time (far from medical attention) but butterfly bandaged to... READ MORE

How to fix uneven eyebrow from accident when I was infant. (photo)

Had an accident when I was 6 months old. I had got hit in the head above my right eye. I don't have scar but have a dent. My right eyebrow is lower... READ MORE

What can be done to my face for a more feminine, softer and "attractive look"? (photos)

I want a new nose my nose is large and it has no structure to it. My eyes look so lazy and never fully "alive" they look tired I don't know why. Also... READ MORE

What would you recommend for lowering a high eyebrow? Improving eyelid? (photos)

I'm 22 years old & seeking a surgeon on the east coast of US or Canada, & because this situation isnt the most common thing I'm not sure what to... READ MORE

What are my treatment options to help remove the excess swelling and scar tissue on my lower eyebrow bone and forehead?

I was hit by a car a year and a half ago and had excessive scraping above my right eyebrow and under my eyebrow on my eyebrow bone. I do not have... READ MORE

The eye, eyebrow and cheek on one side of my face droop down. What can I do to fix it? (Photo)

It really bothers me, my eyebrow, eye, and cheek on one side of my face droop down. what would be the correct procedures to get these fixed and lift... READ MORE

What is the Best Method for Brow "Bone" Enhancement?

I put "bone" in quotes because all I want is the brow bone area where the eye brow sits and the part right underneath of it, to look fuller or more... READ MORE

How do I get rid of the dent above my eyebrow? (Photo)

Some guy fell on me and I landed on my face. I didn't bleed or break anything. There weren't any bruises, scars, or scabs, but a dent formed above my... READ MORE

I Have Had This Bump on my Face Since I Could Remember, What I Can Do to Have It Removed?.

The bump is under my eyebrow on the left side and I want to know can it be removed how much will it cost and what would be the recovery. READ MORE

How can I reduce asymmetrical features in my jaw, eyes, eyebrow, upper lip? (Photo)

When I was younger a car ran me over and ran over my head. I had 66 stiches and it runs from below the outside corner of my right eye into my hair. My... READ MORE

I recently had a rhinoplasty and was looking at more options to give my face more symmetry. Any suggestions? (photos)

I know that I am not happy with my appearance and was wondering if anyone had any advice as far as other procedures to improve my appearance. I am... READ MORE

What is wrong with my face and how do I fix it? (Photos)

I have one eyebrow higher than the other, my philtrum is crooked, i have large eyes and a large nose with quite small lips. I wouldn't want... READ MORE

I need your point of view - imbalance in cheeks, nose & eyebrow. What do you suggest? (Photos)

As I see an in balance in my cheeks, nose and eyebrow. What procedures do you (Doctors) suggest? I am trying to have a similar texture as to the model... READ MORE

How do I fix my facial asymmetry? (photos)

Since I have grown and become a teeneger i noticed that my right side is diffrent then my left side. My right side of my face is more fuller and i... READ MORE

Asymmetrical face? (eyebrow, smile, chin) (Photo)

I am starting to notice MY left eyebrow is higher than MY right eyebrow. I've only recently realised but it's driving me crazy!!!! I also noticed MY... READ MORE

How to improve facial asymmetry? (Photos)

Hi Doctors, I would like to know if there are any reasonable ways I can improve upon my facial asymmetry. I have never been particularly vain about my... READ MORE

What surgeries do I need to have symmetry in my whole face? (photos)

My face is uneven, but which features are most noticeably uneven? I have noticed my lips are very crooked and I have a scar on my top lip from a... READ MORE

Face is uneven. One eyebrow is higher than the other, one side cheek is bigger than the other? (Photos)

As you can see the left eyebrow is higher and bigger than the right . Also the lest cheek is bigger the the right . This difference can be easily... READ MORE

How can I fix my asymmetrical face?

I have a very asymmetrical face. My nose is crooked. One eyebrow is higher than another. My lips are asymmetrical as well. I don't know what to do. Is... READ MORE

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