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Removal of Fat / Extra Skin on Back of Head

Where can i get the fat/extra skin on the back of my head surgically removed? i just want to know if theirs a surgery that can remove it, or should i... READ MORE

Lower Face Has Excess Fat and a Gummy Smile

I'm a 21 year old woman... The lower half of my face seems to have quite a lot of excess fat and skin. It is especially noticeable when I smile,... READ MORE

Question About Excess Skin and Swollen Temples? (photo)

I recently started shaving my head, due to my hair thinning. I enjoy the look except for two things: Excess skin/fat on my head and the fact that my... READ MORE

Can the Excess Skin from a Rhinoplasty Be Used to Make an Epicanthic Fold Above Eyes to Eliminate Hollowness?

Hi, I was considering a rhinoplasty because my nose bridge starts from a very elevated level from my forehead, this is also causes a hollow look in... READ MORE

Recommendations for a thin, fit 21 year old with a fat, stretchy face? (Photo)

I'm 21 years old, 5'3" and weigh 103 pounds. I work out every day and am in extremely good physical condition but I have always had the largest lower... READ MORE

How can eyebrow asymmetry be treated? (Photo)

Since i was a child, i have suffered from my facial asymmetry. I have a dream of making the both sides of my face look as symmetric as possible. my... READ MORE

What Affect Does Jaw Surgery Have on Skin in Older Patients?

I'm due to have double jaw surgery at the end of the year but have heard that in older patients this can result in saggy skin and heavy jowls.... READ MORE

How To Treat Skin Laxity and Other Facial Concerns? (photo)

I'm attaching four photos. I am Twenty Five and hoping to correct the following facial concerns: General skin laxity: Extra skin on the left eye,... READ MORE

Is there surgery I can undertake that can remove about 1cm to an Inch of excess skin from the left part of my skull?

I Feel like i only would want about 1cm of skin removed nearing the back left side of my skull. If i pull my skin on my skull towards the back of my... READ MORE

Looking for a doctor who is proficient in brow shave, rhinoplasty and chin lift.

I am a biological female. I look like my dad. Whom has been abusive to my family, & is also convicted of sexual abuse of a child. looking so similar... READ MORE

I'm 22, male, and I have excess skin and a lot of face fat.

I am only 22 years old, I am a male, and I am 5'8 167 pounds. I have excess/droopy skin and I feel like my face has a lot of fat in it. I am a... READ MORE

Curious about rhinoplasty, chin/face lift, lip augmentation, and tear trough plumping. (photos)

How far deep can you erode the nasal bone? Do you think it's possible to shape my nose as desired (see photo)? My smile forms a crease between my nose... READ MORE

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