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Causes and Treatment for Enophthalmos

I'm 18 and have enophthalmos. It didn't happen drastically but have been developing over the pass few years. The part of my eyelid and... READ MORE

Any Danger for the Eye in Enphothalmos Surgery?

Is there any danger for the eye, in enophthalmos surgery by implanting fat or implant, if yes at which level is the danger, and which danger do I risk... READ MORE

Options For Fixing Bilateral Enopthalmos And Breathing Problems?

Over the years, I've suffered from breathing problems (unable to breathe out of one side of my nose and the side changes), and my eyes have become... READ MORE

Does enophthalmos correction lead to hyperglobus?

I experienced trauma to my eye and now have mild, but bothersome enophthalmos due to fat atrophy. I met with a surgeon who'd like to add a small... READ MORE

Looking for a craniofacial surgeon! Is this enophtalmos and Can I get it fixed? (photos)

I ude glasset also! My right eye is -3,5 and my left is only -1,5... Coulis it have anything to do with that? READ MORE

Where are the high volume/highly experienced surgeons who repair complex eyelid/canthal/enopthalmos reconstructions? (photo)

I have posted several pictures and presenting problems. I prayerfully hoping for a specific Surgeon or Institution or hospital who specializes in... READ MORE

Are there craniofacial surgeons on this site to treat enopthalmos? (photos)

I've attached my CT scan & I know, I know, a blurry picture of my left eye, but it does clearly show that I have no fat or muscle pad under my lower... READ MORE

is a surgery to fix a right eye enophhalmos is dangerous on the optic nerve? Do I will look normal after the operation Thank you

I am 62 years old I had a car accident in 1976 - I had a com minuted fracture in the floor of the eye orbit I had an operation of bone graft in the... READ MORE

Orbital floor fracture - worried about Enophthalmos. What are the chances?

I got punched just above the eye and suffered an orbital floor fracture. The fracture is about 13mm long at the worst point however it's not displaced... READ MORE

Can Asymmetrical Eyes after Zygomatic and Orbital Fracture be treated? (Photo)

Hello, I had significant surgery in 2011 to repair a zygomatic and orbital fracture. It was very successful and my vision is the same as before trauma... READ MORE

Is this enophthalmos? (Photo)

33 year old male. My eyes have been like this for a long time and haven't had a trauma to them. What can be done to bring my right eye up to the same... READ MORE

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