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What Treatments Are Available for my Facial Asymmetry?

My lips, nose, eyes, ears and facial bones are asymmetrical. I inherited it from my mother and I'm really sick of it. Now that she's going... READ MORE

Extreme Facial Asymmetry - Help? (photo)

My ears and eyes do not line up, my nose is crooked, and my jawline is uneven. Also, the midline of my smile are a full tooth off. I posted a photo of... READ MORE

Is There Any Surgory That Can Enlarge Your Ears?

I have really small ears when looking from the front which makes my face look weird, is there anything i can get done to make them look bigger? and if... READ MORE

Wait Until Older for Multiple Facial Procedures?

I've a Mastopexy/Breast Augmentation planned for summer 2010. I'm also considering face work to pin back my prominent ears and raise my brows using... READ MORE

Possible to Combine Otoplasty, Eyelid Surgery and Forehead Correction?

 Forehead correction, Eyelid and Otoplasty. Is It Possible to Have All This Done at the Same Time READ MORE

Will Treatment for Facial Asymmetry Make a Difference? (photo)

I know that some degree of facial asymmetry is normal and universal. However, the asymmetry of my eyes, ears, cheeks and lower jaw are all very... READ MORE

What procedures do I need to correct my uneven jaw (no braces, please) and protruding ears? (Photo)

Because of a missing left molar, that was pulled years ago but never replaced, I now have an uneven jaw due to concaving of my other molars to "fill... READ MORE

How can I make my facial features look smaller? (photo)

I hate my face/head everything about it is huge. I have been mocked constantly for my big head, nose and ears. I want so badly to start dating but I... READ MORE

My right eye and ear are lower than my left eye and ear? (photo)

Hi! I have a problem with my right eye and right ear, they're lower than my left eye and left ear. Also, my jaw is dislocated/displaced, I don't know... READ MORE

Which procedure would help me improve my overall facial appearance? (Photo)

I would like to improve overall facial appearance with minimal amount of surgery, from my perspective my ears are a little large, and people tell me I... READ MORE

Are the Positioning of my Ears Related to my Wrong Standing Upper Jaw?

Hi I have been to an orthodontist because I have problems with my teeth, and he told me that I'll need a jaw surgery... Now, I was wondering, my ears... READ MORE

Any suggestions on bulge of fat/muscle in front of ear? (photos)

I have a strange bulging of fat and muscle on my right side that completely blocks my ear from the front. Bigger when jaw clenched and ear relaxed (if... READ MORE

Unhappy with Look and Shape of Face: What Surgery Will Help?

I'm now 33 years old and very unpleased with my facial appearance. I did Browlift and ptosis surgery ten years ago but i'm still unsatisfied... READ MORE

Eyes are different sizes and not aligned, one ear stick more out. Asymmetric face normal? (Photo)

Is my appearance normal? The left and right sides look different, as you can see from cheekbones etc (one side is f. ex less elevated / deeper and... READ MORE

I think I have Hemifacial Microsomia or something similar. Any suggestions? (photos)

I've noticed one side of my face (my right from my perspective) is different in several ways to my left. My right eye is droopier, my cheekbone and... READ MORE

How can I fix my crooked face? (photos)

Hello. So I have a seriously crooked face. My eyes are at different levels, one of my ears is bigger, higher and sticks out, one of my cheek bones is... READ MORE

I want to do complete face surgery. Who performs doll-like faces? V-Surgery, bigger eyes, smaller ears (Photo)

Jaw reduction exrtreme like girls in Seoul, ears reduction , under eyes bones reduction to have more bigger eyes, chin implant ,cheek implants,... READ MORE

Best procedure to reduce the weirdness and improve the facial structure overall? (photos)

Hi. I know that my face has this unusual, weird look which makes me depressed and unhappy so I would like to reduce that as much as possible. I've... READ MORE

Why is my face uneven and crooked and what can I do about it? (photos)

My lips are uneven and face has different sides. My face looks crooked and I don't know why. Most of it is in the bottom part of my face. Even my ears... READ MORE

Can my face become more asymmetrical? (Photo)

I feel like the whole right side of my face looks different including my ears. I was wondering if there is something that could correct this? READ MORE

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