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My nose is crooked. My lips are uneven. My jaw clicks on my right side. What is Wrong with my Face? (photo)

I would really like to know whats wrong with my face. To start, my nose is crooked. My lips are uneven. My jaw clicks on my right side if I open it... READ MORE

What Would Bring a More Balanced Look to my Face? (photo)

I have always hated my face and with time ( I am 32), it is just getting worse. I cannot decide what makes it so bad - 1) my big droopy eyes, 2) my... READ MORE

My face seems really unbalanced, is there any way to fix it? (Photo)

My right side of face is smaller than my left, my right eye and eyebrow is more lifted. In my life my pupils have always been different sizes too. My... READ MORE

One side of my face is changing drastically, sometimes one eye seems to droop. What can I do to improve it? (Photo)

I have noticed for a year or two that my face is becoming more and more uneven. most noticeably, one eyelid will sometimes droop heavily and one... READ MORE

Could you please identify the issue causing my face to be asymmetric? (Photo)

Hello, basically I'm wondering from the picture (which I know is low quality I apologise) if you can identify my issue. My jaw seems out of shape and... READ MORE

I noticed my face is asymmetrical and hair loss only on one side of the face. What procedure would you recommend?

Hi I am a 24 year old male i have noticed that my face is becoming more and more asymmetrical. One eyelid droops more than the other and the same eye... READ MORE

What can I do about my asymmetrical face (caused by uneven sun exposure)?

For many years, I've sat at the right side of the car. Now that I look, I can clearly see that the right side of my face sags more than my left. My... READ MORE

Its been 2 months since my zmc fracture was repaired. However, the eye on that side appears smaller, and the lid is droopy

Will this improve with time? May I need another surgery? On my inital ct scan, it said there was NOT an orbital blowout fracture, but instead a... READ MORE

I want my face to be symmetrical and defined. Any suggestions? (photos)

Hi I am very unhappy with how my face looks its unsymmetrical one of my eyes droops lower than the other I have a very round face with no definition... READ MORE

How can I fix my face? I have a swollen nose tip, and my eyes are small and puffy

I don't get my face it's often swollen my eyes get smaller and puffy some times my left eye becomes droopy my noise gets swollen tip of my nose... READ MORE

Why is my face so horribly asymmetrical and uneven?

I'm very self conscious of my appearance and therefore am choosing to not upload a photo of myself, but I will describe what I look like. To begin,... READ MORE

What is happening to my face? My eyelids are droopy, my nose is crooked, one cheek is bigger, and my teeth are bad (Photo)

Little bit of information about myself first: * I am born 11 weeks too early. * I lost my first tooth at the age of 9. * I have never had braces. * I... READ MORE

I hate everything about my face. What can be done?

I hate everything. I think my nose is too big, my lips are too small, my eyes are too droopy and dull without any brightness, and my jawline is way... READ MORE

Jaw Popping and Droopy Eye?

On my one side my eye droops and my jaw pops. Do they have anything to do with each other? I do have a displaced jaw but I don't want surgery for it.... READ MORE

I'm not a good looking guy, so what can I do to become handsome? (Photo)

For instance, my eyes are sunken in, my eyes always make me look stoned/are droopy and I have a relatively weak jawline. Is it possible to change the... READ MORE

Can Keloid former get facial surgery? Droopy, hooded, puffy eyes, which treatment is better? Brow lift or eyelid surgery?(Photo)

I have keloid scars on chest and arms from chicken pox 10 years ago. A very tiny one in earlobe from piercing. I'm now 25 and Asian. The scars on... READ MORE

What can be done to correct the asymmetry in my face? (Photo)

The right side of my face appears plumper and round, though the bottom eyelid appears drooped, giving an illusion of a bigger eye. When I smile I have... READ MORE

Becoming Asymmetrical As I Get Older I Dont Have It Before, Why?

Eye droop when tired, left cheek bigger and mouth slanted. Im 24 y/o READ MORE

Can my cheekbone be made symmetrical again? (Photo0

No face is perfect I know. I was assaulted by college kids I am an actor/singer. I want to know what can be done to achieve a better image overall. My... READ MORE

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