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How to Improve Uneven Face?

Hi Doctor/s. As you can see in the photo my right eyebrow and eyelid droop. It really bugs me! Any advice as to what can be done? Thanks! READ MORE

Big Droopy Hanging Bottom Lip. What Procedure Can Fix This?

My lip hangs a lot and I am concerned about looking like I am mad all the time. I look great when I smile but if I have my lips together in a relaxed... READ MORE

Recommended Procedure to Treat Droopy Face and Paralysis?

I had a acoustic neuroma surgery that left my right side of my face droopy. Also paralyzed that side. Is there anything a doctor can do to help with... READ MORE

What Causes the Droop Down of Corners of Mouth?

I already have had enough with the dropped facial muscles and don't want them to be worse. So want to know the causes so that I can avoid doing... READ MORE

What is wrong with my face? Why is one side droopier than the other? (Photo)

My face is not balanced at all. And realizing this comes with a lot of insecurity and embarrassment. I feel like when I'm in public, people know that... READ MORE

Possible to Lower Eyebrow Line to Give a More Intense Aspect?

I always have been very unsecured about my eyes region and especially my eye brows area because I feel my eyes look droopy somehow and that my... READ MORE

Droopy Eyelid From Recent Nerve Damage, What Are My Options?

Sometime in April, I got punched in the head while I was on a swing. It hurt, and even my jaw was really sore a few days after, but I didn't think... READ MORE

What Type of Surgery Do I Need to Get on my Eyes?

This is how my eyes look. They are very different from each other. i like how my left eye looks but my right eye looks dead. it is because of the lid.... READ MORE

To get rid of perineal mounds around the corners of mouth. What can I do besides surgery to help with this? (Photo)

I believe I have perioral mounds on my face or what people call a chubby face. But I weigh only 122 and I'm 5.6. I've had this my whole life but I've... READ MORE

Sudden Droopiness in Face - What are My Surgical Options?

About a couple months ago I had this sudden facial weakness and droopiness in the left side of my face.Involving the zone within the eye and the... READ MORE

Excess Skin/Bone Structure Looks Like Unibrow

I was wondering why do I have this excess red skin or bone structure (which may create a shadow) that makes it seem like I have a unibrow and also... READ MORE

22 Years of Age with Face Asymmetry After Weight Loss. Options?

I am 22 years old of age , i have lost a lot of weight recently and have come across asymmetry of my eyes they both droop now and my right eye has... READ MORE

I have droopiness to my face, starting with the shape of my eyes. What are some options to bring better definition? (photo)

I'm not looking to dramatically change the look of my face. I have thought about a small chin implant to improve jaw definition and small cheek... READ MORE

Maxillofacial Surgery Not Done Properly?

The frenulum tissue above my upper lip was cut during my maxillofacial surgery. It wasn't sewn back properly now my upper lip sags and my nose droops.... READ MORE

Is there a way to make my asymmetrical face more subtle? One side has always seemed a bit droopy. (Photo)

The right side of my face droops lower than my left. Not as obvious from the front, but my right eyebrow & eye are lower than my left side's. Also, my... READ MORE

I have a very asymmetrical face. Everyone tells me I'm imagining it but I see it clearly & it lowers my confidence (Photo)

I have noticed, that I have (what I consider to be), a very assymetrical face. It's as if one side of my face "melts" a bit/droops severely. I also... READ MORE

What Surgeries Do I Need to Fix the Problems I Dislike? Asymmetrical Face? (photo)

I have an asymmetrical face, my nose slants to the right and my jaw to the left, creating a zig zag shape across the front of my face. However the... READ MORE

Recommendations for a more aesthetic face and profile? (Photo)

I'm a 24 year old Hispanic female.I've always felt that my nose does not fit the rest of my proportions. I also have other small concerns such as the... READ MORE

How to Fix Asymmetry of my Face? (photo)

Hi, Are there any procedures/solutions to fixing asymmetry? The right side of my face/cheek is droopier than the left, and my mouth is crooked/slanted... READ MORE

One side of my face is bigger than the other. (photos)

I don't ever recall this being the case before but I cannot say for certain. The larger side tends to droop to the side a bit when I lie on my side.... READ MORE

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