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Best Course of Treatment for Chubby Face & Double Chin? (photo)

I'm a 28 year old female of average build. For my entire life I have had a "chubby face" no matter how in shape the rest of my body is... READ MORE

Options for Correcting my "Fat Face"/ Double Chin with the Least Amount of Down Time?

Even at my slimmest, I've always looked like I have a double chin. Now I'm 29 y/o, 5'7" aprox 160lbs. I'm getting married in... READ MORE

How Do I Fix a Lack of Definition And Sagging in my Face? (photo)

I am in my mid-20s and have a BMI of around 19. I have never been overweight. My face, which has always had big cheeks, is beginning to sag more and... READ MORE

What Surgeries I Should To Make My Face Nice? (photo)

I hate almost everything in my face. Its long and thin but i have double chin. I also have deep bite. My mouth and my eyes look sad. My nose stands... READ MORE

I'm not satisfied with my side profile. What are my options? (photos)

My jaw seems to be back farther than it should and my chin seems to meet with my neck where I would like more length. It also seems that my neck... READ MORE

37 year old physically fit female with natural double chin and chubby lower face regardless of overall body fat-options? (photo)

I'm 37 and fit. I have always had a double chin and heaviness to my lower face, with the right side sagging and indented somewhat more than the left.... READ MORE

Double Chin, Droopy Nose Tip, Flatness in Cheeks? (photo)

33 year old-after some weight loss,I was left with a double chin that will not budge and some relative flatness in the cheeks.I am afraid that if I... READ MORE

I don't know what my face needs, liposuction, a chin implant or a full jaw implant? (photo)

My face looks so tiny, undefined jaw/chin, double chin and bad side profile. I'm not sure what I need to improve the look of my face, lipo for under... READ MORE

My face is very flat and wide please help (photos)

Hi can you please tell me what I need to make my face look more feminine. I have a very wide and flat face also with double chin and wide nose what... READ MORE

What can I do to improve the look of my chin? (photo)

My chin looks out of proportion with my lips and makes my lips look like they are protruding.This chin also makes me look like I have a double chin... READ MORE

Look so old, out of shape at only 29 . Want a symmetrical good looking face w/ a elongated neck devoid of double chin. (photo)

Male-29yrs , height-5'8" , weight-74kgs I Want a long neck,face free of double chin,symmetrical and long nose. Will I need three procedures namely... READ MORE

What would be the best cosmetic procedure to enhance my face? (Photos)

I am looking into cosmetic procedures to enhance my facial appearance. I certainly want rhinoplasty to change the width and tip of my nose, and to... READ MORE

I need more definition to my long, narrow face - How?

I would like to have a more defined jawline, as mine's very weak. If I gain only a couple of kilos(my BMI has always been around 18, so I'm slim), you... READ MORE

What treatments/procedures would you recommend to improve symmetry in my aging face? (photos)

I'm 42, and my face is falling. My skin itself has always been in a problem with remnants of acne (ice-pick, rolling scars). I am overweight and my... READ MORE

What can be done with my face? (Photo)

My face is extremely asymmetrical. My right side is literally completely different then on my left. I want to know if any of you doctors can help me... READ MORE

Facial collapse from untreated cavities?

I've had these cavities for years and one keeps getting infected and I get pain in my jaw. My face is definitely shorter, my chin is very tiny now (it... READ MORE

Sagging after facial bone surgery.

25y/o, did cheekbone (protuded cheeks, typical amongst asians) and long cut jaw reduction and genioplasty(chin moved forward,elongated the chin with... READ MORE

Unhappy with facial profile. What are my options? (photos)

I'm 27yo. I started with an underbite and had lower jaw surgery 2 years ago. This has improved my profile sonewhat but not to the extent I desired.... READ MORE

I'm looking for a slim face with a defined jawline. Any suggestions?

I'm 34 and consider myself to be in great shape.. I exercise 5 days out the week.. But no matter what I do I can't seem to get rid of these chubby... READ MORE

Which treatments do I need to make my face more symmetrical, look younger and less mean/angry? (photos)

My face suffers from asymmetry. The quality of my skin is poor. I have a double chin. I'm not sure but I think my brow ridge might protrude to much.... READ MORE

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