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Where Can One Go for Augmentation of the Temple or Forehead?

I have extremely long narrow face compared to average person including temple/forehead area and I can tell when looking at the mirror that if this... READ MORE

How Much Does Jaw Shaving Cost?

I wanted to get my jaw shaved so my face is less round and I was just wondering how much it usually costs and if there are any good doctors in Los... READ MORE

Can Jaw Implants Be Removed?

Can jaw implants be removed (say, like a chin implant could) if after surgery one was dissatisfied with the results? I thought any implant was... READ MORE

Which Procedures Would Help Improve my Facial Asymmetry and Long Face? (photo)

The right side of my face is lower than the left and I have a narrow face. Issues to address: opening my eyes, off center nose, nonexistent cheeks,... READ MORE

Why is It So Difficult to Find a Competent Doctor to Reduce Nasolabial Fat?

I am 35 and I've had excess fat in my nasolabial area since I was a child, it is hereditary. Now that I'm older it's causing unsightly... READ MORE

Specialist for Prominent Eyes?

I've had large prominent eyes all my life (not thyroid). Aside from the bulging, there's extra skin in the upper eyelids (more so on left),... READ MORE

New York City Doctor Recommendations to Reduce Space Between Lip and Nose

I Fantasize About Reducing the Space Between my Lip and Nose but Need to Find a NYC Dr. can someone suggested a doctor in Manhattan that does this? READ MORE

Doctor Recommendations for Brow Bone Shaving?

Can Someone Tell Me an Experienced Doctor's Name for Brow Bone Shaving?  Thanks. READ MORE

Facial Plastic Surgeon in Either Columbus or Cincinnati, Ohio?

I live in Dayton. So far, I have found: 1. Dr. Stephen P. Smith, Jr., the Director of the Division of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery at The... READ MORE

Where Can I Get a Bruised Bone Shaven Down?

As I stated before I have a Bruised Bone on my forehead thats the only thing the doctor told me it was and that there was nothing I can do about it.... READ MORE

Hydroxyapatite Implant Specialist?

Dear Surgeons, I am looking for a plastic surgeon who can do hydroxyapatite implants directly on the bone for the orbital rim-malar aspect, NOT a... READ MORE

Northern New Jersey Facial Plastic Surgeon Recommendation?

Looking for a doctor in Northern NJ, possibly NYC who has experience with the following: Cheek implants with minimal Fat injection over top for a... READ MORE

Which Oculoplastic Surgeon Has the Finest Hand in California?

I am a model who went in for some volume on the hollows of my cheeks and woke up with fat all over my eyes and cheek bones. This has changed my... READ MORE

Any Recommended Facial Plastic Surgeon in Central Florida?

Would LOVE to hear recommendations as to what specific injection is good for wrinkles? i.e. Botox, Restylane, Juvederm, or any other that is being... READ MORE

Skull Reshaping Near Boston, MA? (Photo)

I'm currently leaning towards having some form of augmentation to my skull near the hairline area. Was hoping to find a doctor reasonably close to me... READ MORE

Need to Find a Doctor to Remove Bone Calcifications from my Cheeks

Seeking removal of bone calcifications on my cheek. Often referred to as Osteoma Cutis or Heterotrophic Calcification. Had acne in my twenties but my... READ MORE

Brow Ridge Implants?

Does anyone know if there are reputable clinics overseas such as Thailand, Philippines etc that can perform Brow Ridge Implants? I have long sought... READ MORE

Valentine Mouth Rejuvenation (Corner Of The Mouth Lift, Valentine Anguloplasty). How can I find an experienced doctor? (Photo)

I live in Memphis area and looking for someone reputable that performs this procedure and has experience with it. I have done Botox and many other... READ MORE

Georgia Doctor Recommendations for Jaw Bone Reduction Surgery

Also known as mandibular angle reduction. i am a female and i would like to make my prominent jaw more feminine without the botox. i want permanent... READ MORE

Doctor Recommendation in Sydney for Jaw Implants

I have searched many places and been to consultations but still have not found a doctor in Sydney who does jaw implants. Will I have to travel in... READ MORE

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