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Is It Possible to Widen the Distance Between the Eyes?

In search of information I found an article(http://archfaci.ama-assn.org/content/9/4/248.full). It's amazing. New life and celebration of the soul... READ MORE

Will Brow Bones Develop After 19?

I find that I've a brow bone that's rather lacking for a male, leaving a distance I feel is too large between my eyes and eyebrow. Besides, it... READ MORE

Is there any way to change the distance between eyes and mouth?

Hello, my face are very long and narrow, and the distance between my mouth and eyes is very big which give my face very wierd and ansimetric apearance... READ MORE

My mouth is located very high on my face, which bothers me a lot. Is there anything that can be done?

I have a sharp jawline, a round/almost square shaped face, small eyes, a large forehead, a large nose, small lips and prominent brows right above my... READ MORE

Could my interpuppilary (and intercanthal) distance be increased with 3mm? How feasible is the surgery? What could its price be?

I am a 19 years old male with a byzigomatic distance of 126mm. While I am aware how absurd 3mm may sound, on my rather thin face it would make a huge... READ MORE

Is it possible to shorten face with plastic surgery?

I am a young adult female with a moderately long midface. I have a moderately long nose and a large distance between my nose and mouth. Is it... READ MORE

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