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What procedures should I consider to get more defined & chiseled facial features (male, 25 y/o)? (photos)

I would like to get more chiseled & defined facial features like the actor in the attached photo has. I run every day, so sometimes, my face looks... READ MORE

Options for a Thinner-Looking, More Defined Face

I'm 22 and I hate my face. It looks much too big for my eyes, nose and mouth and it is very round with chubby cheeks. Both my father and his mom... READ MORE

What Plastic Surgery Procedures Could Make my Face More Feminine? (photo)

For me, I have always wanted to undergo rhinoplasty because I know my nose is too big and too long. But still, I feel rhinoplasty would not be enough.... READ MORE

Best Course of Treatment for Chubby Face & Double Chin? (photo)

I'm a 28 year old female of average build. For my entire life I have had a "chubby face" no matter how in shape the rest of my body is... READ MORE

Asian (Filipino) Male Looking to Masculinize Face to Have That Chiseled "Western" Look? (photo)

See my pic - need expert opinion: I have already done a chin implant and neck liposuction to enhance my jawline. Things I am looking to do in the... READ MORE

I have droopiness to my face, starting with the shape of my eyes. What are some options to bring better definition? (photo)

I'm not looking to dramatically change the look of my face. I have thought about a small chin implant to improve jaw definition and small cheek... READ MORE

Can you tell me how to get a more defined facial structure? (Photo)

Hello, well, I want to get a more defined facial structure. I want to get a more chizeled face with sharper, more angular features; i would like to... READ MORE

What procedures would you recommend for my face? (Photos)

It's quite embarrassing to post these photos, but I feel as though my face is much too chubby and lacks definition. I'd like to have sculpted... READ MORE

I want to look more delicate, prettier, more angular. Which procedure would be best? (Photo)

I feel like my features are too close, my neck too wide, lasonabial folds too pronounced, not enough jaw definition, bad nose job-- what would I need... READ MORE

How Do I Fix a Lack of Definition And Sagging in my Face? (photo)

I am in my mid-20s and have a BMI of around 19. I have never been overweight. My face, which has always had big cheeks, is beginning to sag more and... READ MORE

Would I Be a Good Candidate for Rhinoplasty or a Cheek Augmentation?

(I know it doesn't look like it but i'm almost 18) I'd like the width of my nostrils to be smaller making my nose look a bit more sculpted... READ MORE

Small chin, wide face, chubby cheeks. What are my options to get more defined, proportional and masculine face? (Photo)

I have wide and high cheekbones, in contrast, my lower half face seems small, receded, unproportional. My cheekbone and upper face are protrudes more... READ MORE

I want a more defined jaw with a smoother, tighter looking face. What surgery is advisable at age 22? (photos)

I have a long, down turned nose, big cheeks, down turned mouth, small inset eyes, eye bags and jowls. When I smile fully my face looks really lumpy. I... READ MORE

What procedure do you recommend for a round and undefined face? (photos)

My forehead is oddly flat, while hair is very straight; this makes it seem as though I wear a wig. Jowls/lower cheek fat contribute to potato face... READ MORE

Does low body fat help a lot with the defined look?

My doctor told me I have close to the maximum angularity to my cheeks I need. Yet, I still don't have the truly defined look I want. I do have it to a... READ MORE

How Did Angelina Jolie Changed from Being Round and Chubby to Being Chiseled and More Define? (photo)

How did Angelina Jolie's face change from being round and chubby to being chiseled and more define? Please don't say that she grew old and lose her... READ MORE

What Surgery Can I Get to Make my Face Less Round? (photo)

I have a very round face. What kind of surgery can I get to make my face appear longer. Also, I do not have a very defined jawline. Is there surgery... READ MORE

I have a very thin face and no jaw definition making me look older How can I change my face to have more definition? (photos)

I have a very thin face and almost none jaw definition. I think that I look older than I'm because my face doesn't have a good definition. What can I... READ MORE

How Can I Get More Lower Face Definition and a Masculine Look? (phoot)

That's me on the left. I have had jaw reduction surgery to fix underbite and a sliding genioplasty to reduce chin length. I have a lot of soft... READ MORE

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